Greetings everyone! Welcome aboard. Starting this blog is not something I did casually. In fact, it’s a bit intimidating. I, perhaps as you, have enjoyed and appreciated a variety of blogs–all of which have distinctictive personalities and contribute so much to helping keep our great nation free. As an admirer of Little Green Footballs, Michelle Malkin, Roger L. Simon, and Powerline it can be pretty intimidating to venture into this. I think the only way to do it effectively is to be myself. So by being here you will part of the big Tammy experiment. My only agenda is to continue to expose why the left does what it does, making clear the method to their madness, and searching for the truth wherever it may lead.
In addition to this main blog, you’ll notice to the right a mini-blog which will reflect points of interest from my daily radio show, cleverly titled “The Tammy Bruce Show.” It is that sideblog that I will use during my show to provide links to stories I refer to, relatively entertaining commentary, and action suggestions. Subjects here will be diverse–politics, culture, Hollywood, you name it. Nothing is off limits. Frankly, it will be much like my radio show in that both efforts reflect what moves me.

You’ll find that this site is still under construction, but every day we’ll make more progress. Many of the elements my Yahoo groups members suggested. While this blog will drive my home page, you’ll see the links at the top of the page. You Sadie, Syndey and Maxalot fans will have your fill of news from their fur-filled world, there will be a suggested reading list, must read articles of the day, a photo gallery, etc. Everything people have been asking so long for, will finally be here 🙂
The world is indeed changing. It’s an honor ro have you here and I will do my best to make this a fun and useful tool for you to make your life better, more secure, and prosperous 🙂

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