Yes, you read the post headline correctly. A Nebraska judge sentenced a child molester to 10 years probation instead of 10 years in prison because she feared his short stature would put him at risk in prison.

Talk about the death of right and wrong. Here this woman, a judge, is more worried about the safety of a child molester in prison, than she is for the safety of children with that man remaining in society. Absolutely outrageous.

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  1. Dave J says:

    If the state doesn’t appeal this insanity by sometime shortly after the courts open on Tuesday, THEN I’ll be worried. Can anyone say, “abuse of discretion”?

  2. chuck e-cheez says:

    Wow,I agree with Dave J. Maybe I’ll saw off both of my legs at knees and go on crime spree,I’ll start by going where the money is,BANK ROBBERY for starters and so on.If probation is all I have to worry about,then a life of crime looks very tempting,hummm….I would think this judgement should be overturned soon,or else face Bill O’Reilly,and of course,Tammy….

  3. RagingBullmoose says:

    Dennis Miller once suggested a great way to monitor pedophiles: tombstones.

    It’s a sorry state of affairs when our justice system becomes more concerned with ensuring the safety of criminals, rather than that of the public.

    I’m afraid that if left unchecked, these judges will only encourage vigilantism amongst the populace, as more and more people will see decisions such as this and come to the conclusion that the ONLY way to protect their children in this society is to take matters into their own hands.

    Personally, I see this perv’s small stature and vulnerability to other inmates as an added bonus in sending the demented cretin to the big house: he’d get to find out for himself just exactly how his victims felt…daily.

  4. rofish says:

    How utterly stupid.The judge thinks his small stature will make him a victim of larger inmates!I Asume she means he’ll stand a good chance of being sexually mollested by larger inmates. Well I wonder just what terror those small children went through, seeing this 5’1″ man who to them probably looked like a giant.I believe in equal opportunity! Let him go through the terror that those children went through!!

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