Suspected Serial Killer Alvarez Cruz

Surprise–he evaded Mexican authorities by going back and forth across the border. Besides stopping the invasion of this nation by people who come here to drain us dry, building a wall would also make it just a tad more difficult for Mexican criminals and murderous scum to play this hide-and-seek game.

At any rate, if this freak is indeed the rapist/murderer who has been on a rampage for over a decade, this is fantastic news. Keep in mind, Mexican authorities believe this man, and perhaps a gang he’s associated with (I’m guessing MS-13) , are responsible for the murder of more than 300 (that’s right, 300) women. Let’s hope this is the guy.

Mexican held over serial murders

A man suspected of involvement in a 13-year wave of rapes and killings in a Mexican town that left more than 300 women dead has been detained in the US.

Edgar Alvarez Cruz was arrested for alleged immigration violations in Colorado and faces extradition…The women were abducted, often sexually assaulted or raped and then murdered in Ciudad Juarez on the Texan border. Many bodies were dumped in the desert.

Elsewhere in the article it’s mentioned the suspect will be extradited to Mexico as soon as possible, which would be a major mistake. Think about it–if we’ve had this serial killer going back and forth between the U.S. and the Mexican border all these years, it’s probable this illegal alien is responsible for several murders here, too. And unlike Mexico, we can execute the animal.

Additionally, because Mexico doesn’t like the death penalty, in the past they have refused to extradite murder suspects to us until we promise not to pursue capital punishment in the case. If we send this fiend back now, and then need to get him back for justice here, we’re essentially abdicating our right to execute the scum, if we are able to get him back at all.

I’ll keep an eye on this for us, but I’m now cynical enough to think we may send him back before we complete any investigation of our own when it comes to unsolved murders of women. And, unfortunately, there are plenty of those.

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  1. Anthony B says:

    Perfectly stated as always Tammy…
    I am sure you are getting a ton of traffic now because of your fill ins on the Laura Ingram show, but I just wanted to say how brilliant and insightful you were…
    I do hope to hear you more often..
    I will have to check out your show as well…
    I simply have to give you props and Kudos…
    I shall return….

  2. Bamagal says:

    Mexican prisons are no picnic. In the US he would sit in comfort for 20 years living off the taxpayers. Nah Mexican prision justice seems more appropriate. With some luck he will meet the same fate as Jeffrey Dahmer.


    We have enough of our own, thanks. Who comes across the southern border of the US? People wanting to ply honest trade. Then there are guys like Alvarez Cruz–accused serial murderer of 300 women….

  4. gypsyjohn says:

    We should not extradite unless they promise to execute him just like the b.s. they pull on us

  5. Talkin Horse says:

    There’s a tendency among the participating parties to inflate the number of murders attributed to a captured serial killer. The law enforcement agencies can clear their books, and the perpetrator is happy to spend the foreseeable future being the center of attention, leading expeditions into the wild in search of bodies instead of rotting in prison. As far as these things go, 300+ is an immense number of victims, and seems unlikely on the face of it. I’m not speaking with any authority about this specific case here; just in general.

    As far as the penalty of law goes, we’re probably better off letting Mexico have him, unless we can clearly attach him to some local offenses. It’s almost impossible to put a man to death here, and I imagine our prisons are a lot more comfortable than the Mexican ones. So unless this guy is connected in a way that will protect him, I’d guess the Mexican justice system will deal with a high-profile case like this as well as could be hoped for.

  6. Bachbone says:

    Can’t wait for the bleeding hearts to tell us this guy is just another of the poor, upright family men who come here to make a better living/life for their families.

  7. ahwatukeejohn says:

    I hope to God that we managed to get a DNA sample to run through the FBI data base to see if there is anything we can pin on him. On the other hand, life in prison w/o parol would just put him in the gangsters retirement home, where all gangsters figure they will end up sooner or later anyway.

  8. LIVLYRED says:

    The Mexican government is not only refusing to extradite in Capital Punishment cases, they now require us to take life in prison off the table, as it is considered cruel and unusual punishment. We had to negotiate a deal with the Mexican goverment to return a cop killer, and that agreement took life in prison off the table. (Granted, I think the agreement included more years than this guy will live). I think I want to keep him here for a while.

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