After Urkel makes a grab for your kids on September 8 he plans on invading your living rooms on September 9. Really, at this point why doesn’t the guy just join up with Dancing with the Stars and make a fool of himself that way? At least for the moment he’d stop setting us on fire. President Obama to address Congress.

Our friend Vodka Pundit plans on keeping his kids home on September 8 and away from that shady Chicago lawyer who for some reason wants a captive audience of your kids.

Diane Sawyer replacing Charlie Gibson on ‘World News’

Funny who George W. Bush is sending out these days to do his liberal dirty work.

Hot Air: Tapper on Obama’s “precipitous slide”

Napolitano: ‘Big Influx’ of new [swine flu] infections likely

Well, this is weird. Dr. Sanjay Gupta says that the ‘swine flu’ is nothing to get excited about and you might as well remove the ‘H1N1’ part of the flu thing and think about it as if it were the regular flu. Totally strange for a killer pandemic, no? Thanks goodness, at least, we’ve given billions of dollars to the Pharma companies even though we can just ignore it. Whew.

Mark Sanford says God wants him to be governor and that he’s just like Sarah Palin. Or something.

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  1. Mark Sanford is a nutjob, and his wife is wortless for keeping him, just my opinion. As for Alberto Gonzales, this is just another episode of GW Bush’s inability to pick quality personnel-remember Tom Ridge, Scott McClellan? If it were not for Cheney, his admiistration would have been a bigger disaster than it was in terms of ideological clarity and leadership….By the way why the he!! is GWB not saying a [email protected] thing about Obama-Holder attempts to politicize the CIA decisionmaking?

    I mean WTF?!

  2. 1elder1 says:

    Do not assume that all teachers are Democrat Socialist Whackos. Male colleagues in my old HS were ex-Marines and scores of them were Republicans. I liked Social Studies teachers in particular who had ,as I did, Academic Freedom. Freedom to introduce many insights from different reflections and held class discussions that were based on the what the kids beliefs were.
    When I first started teaching we took oaths that we were not Communisits. I thought that oath was rather insulting becuase I disliked Communist in general . That was in the 60’s . That oath was later found to be unconstitutional. The germs of corrupting our kids set in after that. They should bring back an alligience to the flag and our Constitution. Who knew commies would take over the NEA and the AFT?
    So on Sept. 8th if I had kids I would let them stay home -P.A.S.S. If I went to work I would ask to monitor the kids whose parents were smart enough to send in a note that said “NIX on Obammy Scamin'”. They usually have those kids put in a separate room if the parents objected to the lesson, movie or assembly.
    Have faith that many teachers will trash the Obama lessons and carry on with regular class lessons.
    Sit in on classes that day so you can comment on errant teachers . Don’t expect your kids to defend our Freedoms all alone. Join the P.T.A and pair up with Conservative Teachers . There are some there in your schools. The MSM makes you think that teacher’s unions are monolithic. FALSE!
    When I wrote curriculum I wouldn’t dare present such immature scams as real lessons.
    Obama and axelrod and Rambo are always overstepping their actual talents.
    Obama is no teacher….

  3. mrcarter says:

    Tammy, Shhhhh, dont let the phony’s know that we are firing their behinds no matter what they do now. 🙂
    You are right, they would have just carried on with lighting us on fire if we had not turned into the brooks brothers mob.
    This just becomes more enjoyable every day

  4. TLindaman says:

    Regarding Obama’s big speech to school children, I had an idea. Have a conservative lawyer/smart-alec file an injunction against Obama, citing…separation of church and state. 😀

  5. srrchl says:

    From Anne Coulter, 9/3/09 — directing our attention as to why Tammy is right — Urkel’s deathcare legislation has to be completely destroyed like a cancer. The Republicans better not wimp/sell out and jump on some bipartisan “love train” with Urkie. The left is devious and the Republicans, at the moment, except for Palin and Cheney are acting like suckers.

    Lie #11) Obama has dropped his demand for the ironically titled “public option” (i.e., government-run health care), which taxpayers will not have an “option” to pay for or not.

    Liberals never, ever drop a heinous idea; they just change the name. “Abortion” becomes “choice,” “communist” becomes “progressive,” “communist dictatorship” becomes “people’s democratic republic” and “Nikita Khrushchev” becomes “Barack Obama.”

  6. ffigtree says:

    Can you imagine the outrage if BOOOOOOOOSH attempted to address the children?!?

  7. Carol says:

    We may’ve stopped the indoctrination session! Not sure if it’s just temporarily postponed or just being revised. Credit given to conservative (rightwing shrill hateful, etc.) talk radio and bitter clingy blind followers of the likes of you Tammy.

  8. srrchl says:

    More reasons to keep your children home on Sept. 8 from Redstate — Don’t Drink the Skool-Aid — by Caleb Howe, September 2nd. The powerful Teachers Union has transformed our public schools into breeding grounds for the left.

    He relates the following personal anecdote —

    “I have two little girls. They attend a public school. Last year, we went to my oldest daughter’s classroom to see them present their “holiday” play. You don’t say “Christmas” play, see, because then you’re indoctrinating students.

    So we are sitting in class, and my daughter and a few other kids, third-graders all, stand in front of the class. We parents then sat through the recitation of an excruciating litany of horrors that the world would be facing now that global-warming was here to destroy us all. Little scenes of animals dying were acted out. Prognostications about the end of man were made. Armageddon, as related by 8 and 9 year olds.

    My own little girl stepped forward and told us all that in five years, if something wasn’t done, Myrtle Beach (where we share many happy family memories) would be lost under the waves forever. Guess how the play ended? With an exhortation to the parents of course. “Mom and Dad, what can you do? Turn off lights, drive hybrid vehicles, and vote for candidates who are working to change the world for the better.” A small child’s voice barely squeaked out “Obama” before the applause, and a few knowing chuckles, erupted among the yuppies, yippies, and go alongs.

    Vote Democrat! …. says their teacher. This is not the first or last time overtly partisan, overtly leftist rhetoric was foisted on my children. That wasn’t even the first or last time that day. Every day they come home with something that I must debunk, refute, or dispute.”

  9. naga5 says:

    way to go, tammy!!!
    just like sarah-a superhero with “type, type, type, send” power!

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