I think it’s official now the actual “crasher” of the White House is Barack Obama. Maybe the Secret Service should hire the Canadian Free Press if it ever needs to find something out. Certainly some money might be saved.

“Party Crashers” had five-year relationship with Obama before state dinner

While the big gun media and American Secret Service are out there investigating “party crashers” Tareq and Michaele Salahi, no one’s telling the truth: Obama knew the Salahis when he was still an Illinois senator…

Senator Obama w Party Crashers...in June 2005

Senator Obama w Party Crashers...in June 2005

Hey Secret Agent Man, here’s Obama, the senator flashing his pearly whites with Randy Jackson, better known as a judge on American Idol. “Others pictured are Black Eyed Peas Rock Band; Tareq Salahi the President of the America’s Polo Cup; President Elect Obama, Fergie from Black eyed Peas and Michaele Salahi, posing this time as a former Miss USA and SuperModel.

Interesting little detail for White House gumshoes: As the above photo was published in June 2005, Barack Obama was still Senator Obama and not the President Elect…

Meanwhile, don’t know why Obama’s long time associates possibly could be mistaken for party crashers when they came into the tent with a Bravo Reality TV Show “Real Housewives of DC” professional camera crew and makeup artist in tow unless he was hoping for a Reality gig for wife Michelle, CBS celebrity Katie Couric or Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel.

Obama could end the “party crasher” goose chase for White House Secret Service in a proverbial New York Minute by coming clean on his almost 5-year-old social/political relationship with Tareq and Michaele Salahi.

It could save money in these recessionary times and put an end to the drama of Washington’s “unprecedented” first state dinner in a tent.

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  1. jgm219 says:

    Atlas Shrugs posts the same pic and has it dated 2008 as does a link to the site the photo comes from. Regardless of the date the whole affair stinks especially considering the ease with which they gained access to the White House as a whole.

    • Tammy says:

      Actually, the photo I do believe is from the 2005 polo event, but the site linked to refers to Obama as “president elect” as the post was published (with the 2005 pic) after the election. But it is misleading enough to double-check, which we will do. In the meantime, bottom line, he knows them and as you noted it’s beginning to smell even more than usual around Urkel.

      • Pat_S says:

        Maybe they crashed that event too.

        • jgm219 says:

          Believe it or not I am honored to have Tammy respond to my post! 🙂 I’m not worthy! Doubly so with Pat S! I’m willing to bet they have “crashed” more than these two with Obama. Everything about this story is seeming like more smoke and mirrors with Urkel. As my wife points out; is it possible that he set them up? He does love the sight of himself. Maybe he will still find himself asking “did I do that?”

          • Tammy says:

            Ha! But I do see the respect for Pat S. seems to surpass the jgm opinion of Moi. Which, btw, I do understand 😉

          • jgm219 says:

            Tammy Bruce is the most awesome political commentator and talk show host in the world! I know this to be so as my 4 year old little girl says so and she never lies and is always right! Still not worthy! God Bless you, Tammy and Merry Christmas to you, the Palin Democrat, Sidney and Snoopy!

          • Pat_S says:

            Well then, I’ll just have to chime in once more. jgm might have cracked the mystery. Urkel set it up to get more media mileage. Crowd out the news of soldiers dying in Afghanistan, homes foreclosed, jobs lost. I bet he planted the story about Tiger Woods having an affair. Hey, I’m only half kidding.

          • jgm219 says:

            Tiger Woods is having an affair?!?!?

          • RuBegonia says:

            Jumping in piggyback as a THREADCRASHER – as I have no real business being here – just to see if I can get my avatar posted next to Pat_S’s next to Tammy’s. Maybe I can get my own reality TV series now!

      • Patriotgal says:

        Mmmm… sounds like MUSLIM names to me. But, I’m prolly just rassist. Tammy- how about helping me out on my “DRIVE ON DC” Protest?? 19 April 2010, WA DC, 4PM. I just need a couple of hundred American Patriots, to SEAL-OFF DC, from the rest of the country!! Maybe scare congress a bit? Make them wish that the National Guard was- oh, MAYBE HERE, instead of IRAK????? I announced it yesterday, on the G.Gordon Liddy Show, and it got quite a bit of approval! WE THE PEOPLE are getting VERY tired of being lied-to, and ignored!!!!
        I can be contacted at “[email protected]”. Or, Patriotgal1 on UtUbe!!! Thank You!!
        Sic Semper Tyrannis!!!!

  2. lord-ruler says:

    I wonder if Frank marshall Davis , Reverend Wright, Bill Ayers or Wade Rathke have “snuck” into the Whitehouse. My guess is if they haven’t physically been there they figuratively sit behind the Presidents desk nevertheless.

  3. Allisurd says:

    But if the -1 wants to promulgate the belief that he is in danger, this is one way to go. A stupid way, yes. But smarts doesn’t seem to be what he does well – sleight of hand, thuggery, terrorizing, yes. Smarts, no. Just an idea and certainly what the MSM is asking with headlines such as “Who’s Got Their Backs?”.

  4. jeaneeinabottle says:

    The article talks about John McCain being there too. I think we all have been had, don’t you?! This whole thing feels oh so planned out, but they didn’t plan to have the people of America wake up and take action the way they did. This is a big joke to Obama, he still thinks nobody is noticing what an asshole he is, but we do. Thank you God for the truth. Screw the media, they will definitely get theirs too. I can’t wait for Sarah Palin to get in the White House and start the reform process. I can’t wait for Fox to grow so big that they have their shoots in all aspects of the movie, news, music, and all the other parts of entertainment and what ever else they can do. Oh I’m so mad I could spit and I know I’m not alone.

    • jgm219 says:

      It’s enough to definitely make you scream. The RNC and the DNC have labored under the illusion that we the people are truly we the lazy sheeple. My 6 year old daughter asked who John McCain was in a photo with the crashers and the best I could come up with was “he’s just a political hack and a RINO, sweetie.” It almost certainly does have a feel of scripted to it and I’m not one for conspiracy theories.

  5. CO2aintpoison says:

    Off topic…but according to CNS News (who actually covers….NEWS): “Napolitano said the Obama administration is working to end the recession and put Americans back to work but said giving legal status to illegal aliens will “strengthen our economy”. Mark is right…they are using the Cloward Piven strategy and trying to wear us down. We must not relent!

  6. CO2aintpoison says:

    Oh goodie….Imadinnahjacket has announced 10 more nuclear plants (aka – giving the finger to the once). Huh…what could go wrong? Maybe the once could write a really, really, really strongly worded letter of disapproval and request they stop building such facilities.

  7. Palin2012 says:

    HA – why am I not surprised? Maybe the Secret Service will read your blog Tammy and quit wasting more of our tax $$ trying to cover their asses. Funny, Katie “Worthless” Couric had her picture taken with the party “crasher” – she missed the *real* story again. Should we send her the link to your blog before her next “newscast”? No, I don’t think so either. It’s a little to substantive for her taste.

  8. jgm219 says:

    Now these people are taking bids on their “story”? WTF? Sounds like they are O’s people; they show up, expect you to be impressed and then ask you to pay for the priviledge to here their gas.

  9. thierry says:

    i worked the dnc 2004 doing something that is not my job only because i was one of the few people in my company who was a naturalized citizen and could pass the background check.

    it was hell- people had their personal care products, bottles of water and even eye drops confiscated every day. we were searched every time we entered the convention. and those 2 morons weren’t even the president and vice president. i did almost get knocked down by hillary coming around corner and her secret agents( who were really hot, actually) flicked me away like a fly, barely looking my way. they seemed incredibly effective.

    it seems like a bunch of made up bull-like we’re all suppose to get the vapors because the white house security sucks or something. do they think it will magically make us like him and raise those poll numbers out of concern? it’s as if the presidency is mtv’s real life or a vapid faux pre-scripted reality show because that’s how this loathsome creature that’s been elected treats it. drama queen- just another chance to get on tv or make the news.

  10. billbrady says:

    Nothing, absolutely nothing is as it seems with this administration. Relax, take a deep breath, and wait for the real story. I believe these “crashers” are not what the MSM might lead us to believe. This entire episode is contrived but for the life of me, I have yet to ascertain the purpose. Blame Bush?? Eliminate the Secret Service and replace it with Obama’s personal security service?? I have no idea but this thing stinks, really stinks. Stay tuned.

  11. Red Barr says:

    If you want the truth in news reporting just log on to Tammy Bruce’s web site…

  12. franknitti says:

    The second guy from the left in the photograph looks like Mr. T. Was he in on this too?

  13. chris_bdba says:

    Gee wonder what story needed to be pushed out of the headlines…..hmmm would that be the hacked emails about climate change??? Things that make you go HMMMM???

  14. CO2aintpoison says:

    If the SS waived them thru…who is higher than the SS? It seems to me that somebody is making vast wide-sweeping attempts to create a sense among the citizenry that all our armed forces in whatever their capacity (military, FBI, CIA, SS, police – – you name it) into a bunch of inept boobs. Think about it: according to “them”, someone screwed up in the SS to let this couple into the State dinner; Ft. Hood – someone screwed up in the military to allow Hasan remain at his post; someone screwed up in the group of Seals and allowed one of them to “punch” the trogolodyte (if it indeed did happen) detainee before handing him over to the Iraqi forces; the police acted “stupidly” when they arrested the “professor” and on and on and on. Seems to me a lot of blame is being thrown at our guys and gals in uniform and I DON’T LIKE IT ONE BIT. Something smells here ya’ll. How ’bout that civilian force Obama wants who is “just as well trained and just as well funded” as our customary armed protectors. I don’t like it, no sir.

  15. cmoore324 says:

    I love Greta’s story on these two spending 7, count them, SEVEN hours in the salon getting ready for the event. The chick’s hair is almost as long as Coulter’s, though not as shiny~pretty; and it takes SEVEN hours in the friggin salon? To look like THAT? And they tried to get out without paying the bill. Just another example of liberal spending run amuck.
    And she’s not even CLOSE to being as hot as Anne or Tammy. As my brother asked one night when we were watching O’Reilly and his sizzling panel of lady pundits, “Why are all the conservative women on these shows so hot?” My answer ,”Because they don’t hate men, Mike.”

    (and they don’t waster 7 hours in the salon on a bad dye job and crappy cut because they have jobs!)

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