babybarryPwoor wittle Barewee, no one doing their job but him! I guess when he can’t Blame Bush he’ll blame everyone else.

Security Review Reveals Failure to ‘Connect the Dots’

President Obama demanded answers, Tuesday, on why a suspected terrorists was allowed onboard a flight bound for the U.S., despite previous warning signs that he was planning an attack.

After meeting with his security team, Obama said the intelligence community “failed to connect the dots” leading up to the Christmas day terror plot.

The administration has since increased security, but the president plans to hold those behind the mistakes accountable.

“I will not tolerate it,” he said.

Dumb Bastard.

Thanks, Urkel. We all feel so much safer now.

Thanks, Urkel. We all feel so much safer now.

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  1. mrcannon says:

    I see . . . so the Messiah-In-Chief is “demanding answers” about a failed terrorist attack that didn’t result in one death. However, he didn’t seem all that interested in connecting the dots after Fort Hood, where a terrorist attack was successfully carried out on American soil that resulted in many deaths, after which we were told not to jump to conclusions. I think Barry might be stinging a little, now that he can see that his “Submission Tour 2009” of bowing and apologizing to the rest of the world didn’t seem to score any points.

  2. JHSII says:

    If Obama wanted those responsible to be held accountable, his entire regime would resign – along with most of Congress.

    • BarbaraM says:

      A report in Chicago said Obama “scolded” his team….SCOLDED? People should be FIRED over this.
      Too much like a professer teaching a lesson, rather than a leader. OK, go sit in the corner now…

  3. Maynard says:

    Does anybody have any particular faith in the TSA? This incident seems to validate our supposition that this is just another big, dumb bureaucracy; the Keystone Kops of the air. Which is just another reason we dread a government takeover of medical care.

  4. trevy says:

    “As captain, I am responsible for the conduct of crew under my command.”

    Captain James T. Kirk of the Enterprise, Star Trek 6, The Undiscovered Country.

  5. Pangborn says:

    When will this man, this Barack Obama, begin to see beyond his own fabulous, shimmering two-dimensional image, the one with lifted chin that grins back at him so lovingly from the surface of the reflecting pool. When will he become the President of these United States, the Commander-in-Chief of the brave defenders of our blessed Constitution rather than just another delusional, self-centered soul who sees the world refracted through the prism of his own delicate ego. It’s not about being endlessly self-serving, sir, it’s about doing your job, serving your country and upholding your sworn duty to protect and defend the Constitution and all those who are gathered together in its shielding embrace. E pluribus unum, sir, was not a prophecy of your coming.

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