The audio I played on today’s Tammy Radio, the harrowing congressional testimony of Rhonda Smith as she recounted what happened to her when she was behind the wheel of her (Toyota) Lexus.

The latest on this ongoing disaster:

Toyota can’t guarantee safety fix

Only New York? Every state has intersections with red lights and crosswalks with children in them, too. Toyota USA agrees to pick up recalled cars in New York state. Toyota USA agrees to pick up recalled cars in New York state

FBI raids 3 Japanese auto parts makers near Detroit

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  1. lord-ruler says:

    I’m pretty sure that lawmaker that was crying is a democrat. Just saying.

  2. Tinker says:

    That gives me the chills every time I hear it.

    I hate that congress apparently has to get involved in this for something to happen. Why is that? And who was supposed to have oversight? Better Business Bureau? FBI? Dept. of Transportation? I don’t understand how this was allowed to go for years.

    • Slimfemme says:

      I’m disturbed by this whole thing. Toyota has serious production problems here. But I’m also distrubed by Congresses grandstanding and Americans willingness to be pawns to politicians. This woman could have filed a lawsuit with the courts about her dangerous vehicle. Why go to Congress? If we are all complaining about meddling politicians in our lives, why pander to them? Why come crying to them about Toyota? The Congress this woman was crying to has never held a real job or ran a business. In fact, they make it difficult to do business in this country. We can’t keep doing this? Is Congress going to pass legislation to make it difficult for us to by foreign made cars? Are they going to run Toyota out of the U.S. market? (Americans can make that judgment for themselves. I will think twice before buying a Toyota.) What will be the outcome of this?

  3. Tinker says:

    I’m not blaming her at all. They went through hell, no one believed them, insinuated they were making the whole thing up. And not everyone has the money to hire a lawyer. And if they did, how were they supposed to prove it? I’m talking about investigative agengies who’s job it is to dig into such complaints if Toyota wasn’t going to take them seriously.

  4. BeforeGoreKneel says:

    Personally, I believe in mechanics. I believe in electricity. I like real evidence of real things.

    This woman’s testimony was perhaps compelling but I doubt that even a Lexus is a drive by wire car. These are independent mechanical systems that are talked about here. Was there a squirrel in the engine compartment as well? Did some beasty chew on the wrong wires or build a nest? Or did hubby try to kill his wife?

    Ironic but funny aside: Or was there a nifty anti-theft program that weighed the driver and decided the car was stolen and went into its Unfriendly Driver Mode? I’ve always wanted one of those. Even on my bike. Hell, especially on my bike.

    Here’s the thing: We have a highway and transportation agency. They have engineers. At a good hearing, one not designed to scare the competitor’s comsumers, would have had an expert, or five, saying, “We found this. These x cars have this real problem. It looks like this. It affects this miniscule percentage of all vehicles. It can be ruled out if you find this. It can be remedied by doing this. It can be avoided altogether by doing this and that. We are working with the manufacturing company to fix these problems.”

    Compare this with the complete lack of Congressional grandstanding over the Firestone tire problem — which crops up every twenty years or so when some unionized workers in Georgia get in a snit.

    Meanwhile, maybe Toyota’s problems would go away if they became unionized.

    Nice car company you have there, be a shame if something would happen to it.

  5. lord-ruler says:

    My honda civic is a drive by wire car just like all Honda’s. During that ladies testimony she said she tried shifting gears but she never said she tried to turn off the ignition which is the first thing I would have done. I do not like automatic transmissions if that woman was driving a stick shift it never would have happened.

    • Chris says:

      My first thought was yea– just turn off the key ignition! But then I remembered many of the newer cars have a pushbutton start. You keep the RFID key in your pocket, and as long as it’s within the car, the car will start. I’m not sure about her particular car.. but the newer Prius is like this.

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