**Bumped Up: If you missed it, here it is, courtesy of C-SPAN2. And, congrats to one of our subscribers, RuBegonia for getting through on the call-in! 🙂 **

Here I am after the show with BookTV’s Peter Slen.

You know, to be honest with you, I was surprised with how tired I looked in this interview. And honestly, I was tired. But then through the day, which has been absolutely a beautiful one out here in Los Angeles, I remembered a quote from Thomas Paine and think it worthy of sharing.

“Those who want to reap the benefits of this great nation must bear the fatigue of supporting it.”

He’s just sayin’ 😉


I’m pleased to let you know about a C-Span interview set for Sunday, April 25 at 1pm ET from the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books. I’ll be on for the hour with C-Span’s Peter Slen taking his questions and your phone calls.

I always love doing the C-Span/BookTV interviews because they really are fair and balanced and they provide enough time to actually fully discuss the issues. Please do tune in. We’ll be talking about my three books as well as issues of the day.

For past Tammy appearances on C-SPAN, you can go to their archives here.

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  1. Kimj7157 says:

    Terrific news! I LOVED the C-Span “In Depth” that you did a few years back. After watching that for the first time, I was completely and utterly hooked. So impressive. No going back after that. 🙂

    Looking forward to this. Have fun.

  2. Chuck says:

    Will definitely watch. It would be great if the TAM Chat would be open as well during that time!

  3. tamcat says:

    It will be very satisfying to SEE you on Book TV. Listening to you on podcast every day, is a given, seeing you is a bonus. The show is programed to record. 🙂

  4. VinceP1974 says:

    Go to CSPAN’s Video Library and watch all of Tammy’s apparences… you’ll learn something from every one.

  5. Teri says:

    Yay ! I too was hooked after seeing Tammy on that 3 hour C-Span Book TV interview back in 2006. I’ve been a hard core fan ever since. Looking forward to it BIG TIME 🙂

  6. JHSII says:

    I love watching you on C-Span!!

    You should admonish the host that they shouldn’t refer to the Democrat line as the “Democratic line” as there is nothing “democratic” about them!!

  7. LJZumpano says:

    45 minutes to go!!

  8. ConservativePup says:

    You did a GREAT job, Tammy! So proud to be in your ‘army.’ Loved your answer about gun control.

  9. animalfarm says:

    SH*T! Tammy you were excellent!!!

  10. jeaneeinabottle says:

    Tammy you were wonderful, perfect, HOT and you articulated the independent conservative values exactly how they should be. I agree you should be on tv more or have your own show. I think you changed a lot of minds today with your common sense and explaining what is going on today in our country. Thank you for all you do for us and you are right people need a place to go to when they feel alone, where they are around like minded people. Where we see the hope and the decency and compassion towards other humans that we crave is here with the TAMS. You were also right we will get through this not alone but with all the other citizens who care and they know it’s their duty to stand up and pay attention now. Great job!

  11. RedMoonProject says:

    Top notch interview. Good topics including gun rights, national defense and new media.

  12. MAGForce says:

    Caught your BookTV interview and was impressed overall. I am an Independent… conservative to moderate… a Vietnam Veteran… semi-retired business executive and a fairly rational individual despite all that labelling! 🙂

    Not one to join Army’s… I find your honesty and directness to be a more integral part of your draw, than even your positions per se… and if the only choices were either Amy Goodman or Ann Coulter… you would have to be invented!

    I look forward to discovering more…

  13. timpeck says:

    I really enjoyed Tammy’s political primer on BookTV. Proud to be a TAM.

  14. Scout says:

    Great interview Tammy. Keep up the great work of getting the message out there.

  15. Tennisfan says:

    Nice job today Tammy. No, we could not tell you had cotton mouth.

  16. Shifra says:

    Wow Tammy! C-Span (and spot on BOR!) done with class and aplomb. Especially the way you handled “Ms. So-Hostile-and-Irrelevant” twitter question. six figures? Here’s wishing you high SEVEN figure income! (not that it was any of her business). OK TAMS, get ready to blitz Fox with demand to give Tammy her own show! Time to retire, Huckleberry 🙂

  17. Chuck says:

    Great interview Tammy. Enjoyed it a lot! Nice to know you’re pursuing a doctorate: best of success in this endeavor!

  18. LauraVW says:

    WOW! I am buying the C-SPAN disc to get a group of feminists to watch it together because I swear, Tammy, you are the only person I know who can provide that bridge to political sanity. Just wonderful!

  19. ffigtree says:

    Enjoyed your interview Tammy~thank you for posting!
    And hooray to RuBegonia for calling in during the interview!

  20. ancientwrrior says:

    Tammy, watched you today on C-Span Sunday Book TV. You were amazing and on target with all of your comments. Are you the reincarnation of Joan of Arc for this nation? If I were 30 years younger I’d stand with sword by your side (sigh). All I can do now is be a Tam army member, support you, and spread the word.

  21. LJZumpano says:

    woo hoo, and thanks for the chat room. It was great talking to TAMS about your appearance.

  22. aztech68 says:

    Absolutely Outstanding! You did such a great job of addressing the questions and articulating your point of view. I’m glad I decided to support your efforts after you went rogue. 😉

  23. larrygeary says:

    Great interview! I was definitely in the mood for a Tammy fix.

  24. SmallgGay says:

    Terrific interview Tammy!

    I’m not worried about Tam group think BTW RuBegonia. I’m an independent- I think I’m more classical liberal than independent conservative. But being independent allows me to CONSIDER conservative philosophy and embrace some aspects and decline on others- including Tammy’s ideas. I think the Tams are incredibly broad ranged in their opinions. That’s why so many of us love this site! It’s so refreshing!

  25. tamcat says:

    I wish you could get your own show on Fox News. You could reach so many more people, with your easy to understand, common sense, articulated assessment of American life then and now. I believe you could reach all demographics, in a way others only try to do. 🙂

  26. thierry says:

    there’s nothing that pisses me off more than the “but why of all the fabulous and free countries in the middle east should we support those pesky joooooossssss “question. and they always add the aside, an almost irrelevant one ( and showing they’re a middle east scholar or something), that, well, israel is one of those democracy thingies. democracy as an annoying gnat that can be pushed aside as unimportant .

    i don’t know how tammy exercises such control because i’d lose it at that point.

    it’s like saying during WW2″ why should we support england , france and the allies over germany?”. such a mystery.

    there’s that and the idea the people who are ‘ rich’- always am ambiguous term which basically translates as ‘tax payer’- do not have a right to say much of anything because only those who take from the system and give nothing to it have the right to comment on the american political landscape. if that were the case why aren’t these people insisting that urkel shut his hole when he goes on about what the american values are- he’s a millionaire- he only speaks for other socialist millionaires not average americans.

  27. flaggman says:

    Hats off to CSpan for giving you the time, Tammy. Average liberals refuse to listen to average conservatives, because average liberals can only view the world through a tribal lens. You could put lifelong conservatives like Coulter or Rush on CSpan all day and not change one mind (not that they wouldn’t be extremely entertaining). But you break the tribal lens, giving you the ability to change hearts and minds of people who see: if it’s safe for Tammy Bruce, of all people, to leave the stifling, constipated left, then perhaps it’s safe for them.

  28. sandyl says:

    There are so many great comments here, but I wanted to add my congratulations as well Tammy. You did a FANTASTIC job. You are very articulate (and clean too) 🙂 You are the perfect person to bring people together because you have been on both “sides” and see the good and bad of both. You teach by example that you can get along, and even be friends, with people who don’t always share the same points of view as you. You have allowed us to have this website where all of us can share our points of view in a respectful and intelligent way. Thank you!

    I have always wondered why you weren’t on Fox more because of your unique pespective. But maybe the TAMs will have to blitz Fox News for the Tammy Show. I agree Shifra–bye bye Huckabeen, Hello Tammy.

    (Oh, and I thought you looked great, not tired at all, but right on your game)

  29. Red Barr says:

    Tammy you did a great job in explaining what conservatives stand for.

  30. karenfromny says:

    Great interview. Thanks for posting it. Loved to hear that you were part scottish/irish

  31. TheresaMC says:

    Loved watching c-span2 today. I think there is a rerun tonight.
    Tammy, you were GREAT!!!
    I was proud to be a TAM! In fact I still am proud to be a TAM!

  32. Red Barr says:

    Tammy it is a great honor in being part of your army … AMERICA

  33. BeforeGoreKneel says:

    I particularly liked your “surrounded Iran” point. I don’t think I’ve heard that from anyone else.

    Lately, I’ve held this hypothesis — that the US took over Iraq to thwart an Iranian plan — Saddam was ripe, yes? Though to be sure, that won’t be on any of Seymour Hersh’s investigation lists any time soon.

  34. bmiller1947 says:

    Ms Bruce; very sorry to admit my ignorance in that I didn’t know who you are……Listened to you on cspan’s book tv and need to tell you that I agree with you on way to many points. (i don’t normally find as much with anyone.) I promise I will find out as much as I can about your political position because I find your take on the left and right (party wise anyway) in agreement with my trend in thinking…..it’s refreshing and, i think, necessary…..now how soon are we going to get rid of tax returns and begin to fund things in this country with consumption! taxing? I agree with you on financial freedom (you’re speaking about it right now!) I hope Cali’s vote in nov on weed reform will help rid us of the gang problem…at least the one’s who sell weed to buy auto weapons, etc. Outlawing drugs, in general, allows thugs to profit. LET’S GET RID OF IT…..The gov’t needs to quit coddling us, taking care of us. That was our parents job and if they failed then ??? That’s just reality. If I mention that I am a little skeptical about what happened on 9/11 would you consider me a kook. Hope not. I am 62, so I don’t have any excuses for doing dumb stuff. Again, thanks for being there for all of us….And you did it as a gay woman…..amazing. thanks again, bob miller

  35. wilde1 says:

    Tammy, you killed that interview. Your historical knowledge made it difficult for snarky callers to come across intelligent.

  36. Artist4Palin says:

    Overwhemingly outstanding .

  37. Maynard says:

    Excellent interview. But I kept thinking, won’t somebody please bring this poor woman a Chapstick™!

  38. Rhenna says:

    A remarkably polished and cogent interview, a pleasure to watch and listen to, and not a teleprompter in sight! Well done!

    I was most taken with your comments regarding firearm ownership and gun control; either I’ve missed this particular topic on your daily webcast, or it hasn’t been much mentioned. I’ve never understood the Left’s relentless desire to push this particular part of their agenda time and time again, even after having their political butts handed to them because of choosing to do just that. And they still won’t let it go… I just don’t get it.

  39. markrcermak says:

    Excellent interview, Tammy. I was especially impressed (and moved to tears) listening to your response to the caller that wanted to know why we support Israel. Incredibly shocking to me was that he acknowledged in his question that he understood that Israel was a democracy in that area of the world and all that, as if democracy is some small thing and not reason enough by itself to support them! Proof that far too many of us take for granted what we have. But your response was very well articulated and convincing. Thank you for coming with much more than an opinion and an ideology, but rather an opinion and an ideology formed from a knowlefge of history and the issues.

  40. Teri says:

    Tammy, First-rate, first-class interview. You managed to put out a great deal of information in an hours time thus attracting many new fans I’m sure. You conveyed your points so eloquently, straight and to the point. Your eye contact with the camera was great. No wonder I’ve been hooked since reading ‘ The Death of Right and Wrong ‘ five years ago.

    For what it’s worth you did not look tired in the least. You looked refreshed and ready to roll. I also thought the last few minutes [ your assessment of the Tea Party Movement ] was the perfect way to end it. Awesome ! 🙂

  41. MacMom says:

    Excellent interview, Tammy. It is refreshing to watch and hear such an independent conservative voice on a vast array of topics. Hope to see more of these kind of video interviews. Taking note of the one caller’s inquiry of you having your own independent show on Fox, I wonder if you have considered doing any video feeds for your TAMs. I am not sure what the format should be, but it would be great to see discussions with opposing views or even up and coming guests in the political arena. Just food for thought….

  42. byusair says:

    The C-Span interview is wonderful and I will go back and watch it again- This is just classic Tammy and the reason why I drop “coffee money” to support her work. On a side note, what a treat to actually be able to watch you as you talk for a change. This TAM would gladly support a TAM CAM with Martini (or in my case Vino Blanca) money! Thanks Tammy : )

  43. Gordon says:

    Tammy…When do we start addressing you as Dr. Bruce? (or would that be Dr. Tammy?)

  44. Tinker says:

    Hey Tammy- that was better than your last Book TV interview. I was proud. 😮 And you didn’t look tired at all– just thirsty. lol!

    Don’t forget you live in LA, where everyone is either a fresh-faced 22 year old, a re-refreshed, or a re-re-refreshed 30+. You look like the rest of us! Real.

  45. lanzita says:

    I’m not well educated, but I noticed Tammy did not need a telepromter to articulate the true of what’s going on with my country. I was so impressed with what this Beautiful Lady said in this interview. It’s all about the true. My GOD, we need more of this!!!!

  46. BastiatFan says:

    Tammy honey:

    You were FABULOUS on C-Span! Great interview, and congrats to RuBegonia.

    I was particularly moved by your comments about Israel.

  47. Carol says:

    I didn’t think you looked tired, but I don’t see you day to day to know how normal you looks.

  48. Kimj7157 says:

    I think you looked great. Strong and impressive–as usual. I hope someone at Fox is paying attention… .

    And…maybe it’s just me, but Peter Slen seemed much more animated and “smiley” than usual. I think he might have a little crush on you–right along with the rest of us. 🙂

  49. morecowbell says:

    Very disappointing interview. The three of most important cultural questions of our times were not addressed by Tammy at all … completely glossed over. Was I the only TAM that noticed?

    Why does Lilly come when you stop to call her?
    Why does Lilly run when you look away?
    Where can Lilly be ?

    Until these and other questions surrounding the infamous Lilly are explored seriously I am afraid we shall all be living with our mothers. Very disappointing.

  50. Tennisfan says:

    Alright. We need to start petitioning to get Tammy a show on Fox. The working title, if I may steal/borrow from Laura VW is The Bridge to Political Sanity. Too much of is the guest going to be Karl Rove or Karl Rove if you know what I mean. Fox needs a fresh perspective. There is nobody out there better than you Tammy to educate America. (and we will make sure you have plenty of water ;))

  51. Winegirly says:

    Hey Tammy
    I don’t think you look tired…I think you look…..HOT!
    I’m just sayin’ ;-/

    GREAT Interview!

  52. PeteRFNY says:

    Awesomeness, as always! 🙂

  53. SoCalGal52 says:

    I’m super proud to be from the West. I will never leave this part of the country. The pioneer spirit is still alive and well in many of us, despite the liberal Los Angeles, Santa Monica and San Francisco dominance, I am so proud to be a daughter of the Golden West, not just California, but also Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, Oregon, Wyoming, Colorado, etc. Thank you Grandpa and Grandma for coming out to this part of the country.

  54. SoCalGal52 says:

    Heya Tammy,
    How could you stand that chick “Latina” chick you debated on O’Reilly last Friday? I saw her on his show the week before and I thought she was one of the most condescending people I have ever seen, towards Sarah of course. I couldn’t stand her. How do you keep your cool? I was furious just watching her and would want to ring her neck if I had to be there in person. I know you were 3,000 miles away, but how do you even keep your cool on TV? She is about as “Latina” as I am, which isn’t but 1/4 of me. I’m so sick and tired of these folks who call themselves “hispanic” or “people of color” just because they may have a spanishy last name. Like I said, they are no more “hispanic” then I am.

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