When Kermit the Frog and the Cookie Monster would do a better job running the country, you know we’ve got a problem. The good news is Jan Brewer of Arizona is shocking the establishment, a la Sarah Palin, by not breaking down and surrendering. Instead, she’s doubled-down and on the offensive. Here’s her new ad for Arizona noting that the Growed-Ups in Washington could use a little lesson on Reading Fundamentals.

Bonus: who knew Sock Puppets had so many expressions?!

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  1. kcnut says:

    I wish the puppet said really then put his hand in his face i would of died laughing. This is good thou. Brava Gov.brewer.

  2. Maynard says:

    And tell ’em read the Constitution while they’re at it.

  3. RuBegonia says:

    WOOFAW – Stupendous. Brewer is brewing more tea.

  4. thierry says:

    but barry is a george soros sock puppet… and he doesn’t seem to be able to read. maybe it’s too hard to read with someone’s hand that far up one’s backside.

    muppets always = win.


  5. radargeek says:

    This arrogant political class in DC needs to be broken up. They think they can run the country anyway they want, without following the Constitution, established laws, or the peoples will. We basically have a government that gives our Citizenry, Republic and our Constitution the finger whenever…
    These lousy stinking politicians in congress act like they solve our country’s problems by making more laws; so they can go to their states and puff their chests and say, “What a great thing I did for you!” Reality?
    Then we have a prez- oh-dam-ya, who is supposed to uphold the law, and he ridicules those persons and states that want to uphold the law. Indeed, he even lets a leader of a foreign country stand on the peoples lawn and ridicules our own citizens while our prez. stands there and did not do or say anything to stop him!! WTF?
    This worthless-in-chief comes out with a commission to investigate the oil spill. Now he can puff his chest and say, “What a great thing I did for you!” Reality?
    You pass immigration laws you don’t even uphold; you form commissions that are not listened too (like the 911 commission), you spend more and more time and tax payer money making laws and commissions that are not upheld and are worthless, just so you can look busy “doing the peoples work,”… I can’t wait until November and 2012, you lousy @ssholes!

  6. hatter83 says:

    Love it – 🙂

  7. mrcannon says:

    Brilliant, and I’d say it’s a guarantee that despite the egg on their faces, Janet, Eric, and whatshisname still haven’t read the law. (“Of course I haven’t read it! I’m a liberal, for crying out loud. Do you really think I’m going to let FACTS ruin my fun?!”) However, I’ll bet my bottom dollar–which isn’t saying much–that all three of them have seen this ad already, and won’t say a word about it, not to us, anyway.

  8. marysloft says:

    Shame on Congress, America, Obama, and Calderon.
    When we allow a foreign president to come to our country and criticize our nation for immigration laws passed by Arizona and our gun laws, it’s time for we the American people to get rid of all the elected officials in Washington. It is time for a clean sweep. Calderon should stay home in Mexico where he belongs, he is not welcome in the United States of America, this is not the United States of Mexico and he is not our President and by the Way where is our President Obama? Shame on every congressman and women for giving Calderon access to people through the media and congress for allowing him to stand in our Halls of Congress and criticize us and our country. Shame, shame, shame on you.
    When you leave to go back to Mexica, Mr. Calderon, take all 20 million of your citizens with you.
    Just my thoughts on an important issue.
    Mary Russell

  9. avidfan09 says:

    Pure Gold..

  10. Laura says:

    I LOVE THE COOKIE MONSTER!! (I have one and he wears combat boots, really I do!!) the frog is cute too.
    DC- Dictatorship Central needs to go.

    I read on another blog that Calderon wants to disarm American citizens, LOL!! Highly delusional, bring it on I say, trying to disarm American citizens is like trying to take away food from a Grizzly Bear!! Sounds like he wants a war, I am sure DC/and the UN (thanks to Hillary/Arms Treaty) will accommodate him in every way possible, how else will they finish their Communist/Islamic/GAIA take over of America, by trying (FAIL) to disarm us first.

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