That’s weird, because Sarah Palin’s spirits show up showered and wearing Brooks Bros no-iron shirts.

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  1. naga5 says:

    well said. any thoughtful analysis would lead to the same conclusion-she has a very shallow understanding of the judeo-christian view on prayer.
    of course, what do you expect from a couple who were married by jeremiah wright, attended his church for 20 years and had their children baptized there?

  2. thierry says:

    any black christian with a slave background in the family who has done any research may associate her comments with any of a number of the syncretic religions, some somewhat based in christianity- that is people who still accept jesus christ as their personal savior- and older african pagan/animist practices that arose in the new world particularly along the slave trade routes to the new world. for example: vudun ,macumba, candomble, umbanda and santeria all expressions of ancient worship that went underground of necessity with the enslavement and conversion of the worshipers.

    a people’s culture’s leave its’ mark on their forms of worship. many of the outward expressions of devotion seen in traditional Christian black churches- unheard of in the starch shirt white protestantism of anglo- saxons- such as the free style singing, testifying, even exuberant dancing- ‘getting the spirit’- are from african animist ceremony and worship. i am in no position to say because they’re using different terminology and differing ceremony that they are not what they say they are- people whom believe that they have been saved by jesus christ according to the gospels.

    i used to wake up every sunday afternoon to the local black ‘ church ladies’ in boston’s roxbury, not the best neighborhood. (no mormon boys with their badges , pressed suits and shiny shoes ever went there). but they did exactly what the gospels compelled them to do- testifying and calling on all us riff raff, the drunks sprawled in the alleys and the gang bangers all still asleep, to wake up before it was too late- to cleanse our souls in the sanctifying grace of the lord, cleansing the spirit. and while the main church lady was ‘calling up the spirit’ the rest were screaming, ‘ preach it, sister!’ ,as they boldly walked down the middle of the street.

    it was always a source of wonder to me that only women dared to go and preach to those who most needed it and perhaps were the most dangerous to the preacher. it struck me as something jesus would do rather than going on tv and ranting about the homos and witches or demanding to be re-elected but unlike the black jesus obama the other white jesus had no part in this world by design.

    the Holiness Movement founded by john wesley is based in ideas concerning sanctification and cleansing of the spirit. the pentacostals were accused of demon worship for speaking in tongues. speaking in tongues is in the bible as is serpent handling. i daresay these are christians. it’s all in interpretation and christianity has a myriad of interpreters.

    in the original greek the word(akatharton) that is translated in english and latin versions of the bible as’ unclean ‘ and associated with demons actually only refers to something ‘impure, not purified’ not’ possessed by satan’ or as sometimes translated ‘ evil spirit’. there are adjectives in greek that infer the ideas of demonic and evil- akatharton is not one of them.

    but i do not believe michelle obama knows or cares for or was pondering any of this. nothing her or her husband say about religion or spirituality can be taken seriously or be considered to have come from a place of either study or soul searching. it should be kept in mind that it is michelle also belonged to the pointedly unchristian church of rev wright and black liberation theology( ‘the black man is god.’). they are purposely using vague sweeping terms that could apply to new age smudge stick wavers, to christians, to yoga enthusiasts, to wiccans to manipulate people to retain their own power and position. these are depraved spiritually bankrupt people who will say anything, pretend to be anything to save their worldly position. as his poll numbers tanked and his democrat tools started screaming, urkel ran to the first christian church he could find. michelle is doing her faux affirmations- throwing them out there to see what will stick and save them. i agree with you- she has no grasp of christianity or christians- she only seems passionate about racialism as religion.

    and all this from the woman who wanted food stamps raided to fund her no fat kids charade of giving a f about other humans while her husband drives people into the poverty- literally robbing people of their livelihoods. when the black man is god he no longer has to obey the 10 commandments. people may not know it but both the nation of islam and black liberation theology followers are fond of calling christianity the religion of slaves- used by slave masters to further control and oppress the black man. and this is an important distinction when dealing with folks like the obamas. perhaps they do not just misunderstand christianity, perhaps they reject it on these terms. perhaps.

    • Maynard says:

      Thanks for laying out the interesting background. In sum, you’re first explaining the religious background of Michelle’s phraseology (which clarifies what people are supposed to take away from her words), and then you move on to note that her life’s orientation stands in contradiction to what she would have to be for those words to be religiously meaningful. Which makes her another hypocritical manipulative self-serving politician; what a surprise!

  3. Kimj7157 says:

    That’s the first thought that came to my mind.

  4. ffigtree says:

    Unwashed masses came to mind. But I could be tooooo sensitive.

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