I had the pleasure today of speaking with Ruth McClung, candidate for Arizona’s CD 7. She’s a rocket scientist endorsed by Sarah Palin, and her opposition has had the gall to encourage the nation to boycott Arizona over AB 1070. Ruth McClung is the right candidate for Arizona, and someone everyone in the nation will be well-served by. Sometimes, it does take a rocket scientist ūüôā

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  1. Artgal says:

    Loved this interview!

    Thank you so much for having Ruth on the show, Tammy! Looking forward to Jesse and Janet next week as well! I’m most looking forward to all three of these candidates winning along with many others we’ve all been getting familiar with over these many tense months.

    I thought people would enjoy hearing this moment when Ruth took it to Grijalva during the debate last night in a way that he could have never expected. What I love is that those in attendance – in that moment – did not hold back their applause or voices. How could they? This was their moment to let Grijalva choke on his own words and actions. Who better to give Raul Grijalva a dose of reality than a constituent, and now challenger, who happens to be a rocket scientist? Sweet!!/THE.ARTGAL

    Here is Ruth’s latest ad:

  2. bluegrassarizona2 says:

    Wish I could vote for her, she sounds completely sane and honest. I will be voting for Janet Contreras against whoever the encumbent liberal dog is, I forget his name at the moment. I don’t know much about him except that he voted for Obamacare and he has a city bus station named after him. What a legacy.

    • Artgal says:

      Janet Contreras is fantastic, too! She’s running against socialist democrat Ed Pastor who has a long list of Marxist votes.

      Here’s a link on Pastor’s votes (have to be on FB to access the info):!/notes/jennifer-fendia-leslie/ed-pastors-voting-record/444000725837

      I don’t live in Ruth’s district so I won’t be able to vote for her. Tucson is the division point for her congressional district and that of Jesse Kelly. I live in Jesse’s area and am very proud to be supporting him this November.

      Ironically, it was Ruth and Jesse who showed up for the very first Tucson Smart Girl meet and greet in May of 2009. They were just starting their campaigns and getting their names out. We were absolutely thrilled to help introduce them back then and it was a pleasure to have Jesse and Ruth at the first anniversary party this past May during the primary. When they both win in a few weeks, it will be great to have them back as our representatives for the next anniversary meet and greet.

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