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Mexican investigator in Falcon Lake case beheaded, Texas lawmaker says

Chandler police arrest man in stabbing, decapitation

And this is supposed to make it okay? Unnamed source pins ‘whore’ comment on Brown’s wife

Whitman and Brown set to tangle in final debate tonight

Video: Chamber Of Commerce Responds To Attacks By White House, Dems

Judge orders military to stop enforcing ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’

Schwarzenegger Endorses Crist

VFW Leaders Act on PAC Endorsements

Video: ME-Gov: Dem Apologizes For Laughing At Bush “Terrorist” Photo

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  1. ancientwrrior says:

    That photo of Sarah Palin coming out of Air Force One looks R E A L L Y G O O D. Certainly 1000% better than the buffoons presently using it. It would give me great pride to see her really debarking from it the first time and every time. That photo is a keeper!

  2. jap81 says:

    Speaking of hot, congrats to Bristol Palin for making it through to week five! 🙂

  3. thierry says:

    so gov. moonbeam is married to a man he calls ‘ the wife’? because whom ever spoke the word ‘whore’ in the clip i heard sure sounds male or is a transgendered person whose needs to up the hormones. in fact ‘ she’ sounded exactly like Moonbeam Himself.

    and as if the gender or political orientation(” Bros before ‘Hos”) of the person saying the slur matters. they have no concept of what behaving with decency and dignity means.

    these hippies have turned into the most vile, cynical ,and disgusting wrecks of human beings. so much for all their peace love and ‘highbrow Marxist’ ways. i would have though such democrat liberal unmasking would have finally caused traditionally politically marginalized people like blacks, women and the poor to get they were being used. but the whores of NOW still could care a fig about women. i hope Moonbeam is paying you girls enough to still be putting out for the depraved misogynists of the Democrat party.


  4. Tinker says:

    When I heard Urkel talking about foreign money influencing the current election cycle I almost blew up! He thinks we have no memory. Remember all that record breaking money he “raised?” Remember that he never disclosed the names of his smaller donors? Even though McCain did. Remember his campaign site was literally set up to take donations from foreign countries, even though it is completely illegal? http://tinyurl.com/6h2trs

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