Here’s my interview with Jedediah Bila, author of the new book “Outnumbered: Chronicle of a Manhattan Conservative.” It is also available for your Kindle!

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About “Outnumbered”

“I’ve had enough of the hypocrisy, political correctness, and cry-baby syndrome of some on the left as they call you whatever, whenever, however without blinking an eye. That includes any and all who feel persecuted by my right to an opinion.”
–From Jedediah Bila’s OUTNUMBERED

Known for her “call-it-like-you-see-it” television, radio, and print commentary, Jedediah kicks it up a notch with OUTNUMBERED. Complete with unforgettable encounters, musings, and personal stories, OUTNUMBERED exposes the true face of the Left through the comings and goings of life in liberal Manhattan. Get ready for an unconventional journey that reminds us of the truths one can discover through everyday life.
From the Back Cover

“Engaging and witty, OUTNUMBERED instantly transports you into the days and nights of a Reagan conservative living in uber-liberal Manhattan. Through her classic no-nonsense tone, Jedediah adeptly shines a light on liberal intolerance, elitism, and hypocrisy, while challenging the Left’s false claim on diversity, civility, and feminism. You won’t want to miss it.”
–MARK R. LEVIN, bestselling author and nationally syndicated talk radio host

“Get ready for something candid, funny, and bold. OUTNUMBERED sharply exposes the Left’s bogus talk of compassion and tolerance through their very own contradictory actions. Jedediah’s distinctive voice brings to life the true face of left-wing elitism and the striking contrast between the conservative and liberal world view. It’s a must-read for all conservatives.”
–SEAN HANNITY, bestselling author, television host, and nationally syndicated talk radio host

“The unique, compelling, and earnest voice that characterizes Jedediah’s weekly columns comes alive with increased vitality in OUTNUMBERED. She shatters leftist stereotypes about conservatives and exposes the myth of liberal tolerance as she relates her interactions with liberals in everyday life. This narrative, interlaced with commentary and impressions, gives us insight into liberals that books merely about abstract principles do not capture. A fascinating read.”
–DAVID LIMBAUGH, bestselling author and syndicated columnist

“Jedediah’s courage and wit shine through as she recounts her remarkable personal journey through the Left’s assault on every aspect of our lives. Her daily triumph as a conservative living among liberals is a fascinating and inspiring look from the front lines of the culture wars. For all of us interested in restoring our nation to the principles that make it great, Jedediah’s moral clarity and terrific storytelling make OUTNUMBERED a must-read.”
–TAMMY BRUCE, bestselling author and nationally syndicated talk radio host

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  1. SoCalGal says:

    She’s a really pretty woman.

  2. ffigtree says:

    Just ordered several copies as gifts (and one for me!). Thanks for having her on your show and making this a public podcast. Sharing :o)

  3. JEN says:

    I thank Tammy for making it a public podcast and wanted to say the two together doing the interview thing makes sparks especially when the talk is about Sarah. I tried yesterday to write but after 1 hour i hit the submit button and my whole page got erased,so ill try again.Im another one of those that would crawl over glass for the gov.and i will explain myself if i can.All of my near 6 decades ive ben waiting for someone i could trust to put humpty dumpty back together again someone that would give me and my estranged family some kind of hope that things would be okay in the future.Then in 08 at the RNC and i heard the gov. speak for the first time i had ben waiting for that voice i knew not from where or how but when i heard it and it was like my finger was stuck in a wall socket and i couldnt get it out.Since then ive ben following daily its almost like a junkie needing a fix,hearing or reading or just something that would give me the feeling that the gov. was moving foward hopefully to being fully in charge meaning the president of the US.Its ben a very long road for me this waiting thing but the promise of this great thing happening has sustained me.Now we are on cuspt of this great event taking place and thank the gods for the bloggesphere.which gives me release from pent up optimism.Something tammy said the other day stuck with me and i feel the need to comment i could write volumns and sometimes its hard containing myself.That room Tammy When madame president is there ive seen it you are there and others hand picked by sarah ill go down the list theres yes Jedediahas press sec.,you as the pres.chief of staff,John bolton,Allen West as VP,Bridgitt gabriel,pamella gellar,michele steele,need a warrior like andrew breitbart,Im sure the libs will appreciate that,Have a talk with grace slick all shes doing is painting now,and so on i could go on for a while but you get my general drift.Real people Tammy.Not since George Washington has there ben anyone like Sarah except Joan of Arc,Queen Elizabeth,Lady Thatcher and a very few real heros of our past.The year sarah was born was the largest earthquake 9.2 in alaska.I dont beleive for a second that SP is here at this paticular time in our history. I beleive the big guy upstairs watches over sarah you know the invisible hand that guides us all is guiding her.Ive never ben wrong about people in my whole life and i know what i know.She will be the 45th president.The things our great country can do with her at the helm are limitless.Once she makes it official Folks will flock to sarah like the pied piper on steriods.Mr. Oblabla will get his just deserts the rest of his life in obscurity.America will get back to work starting up its engine and once again be in contol of this great ship.Of that i have no doubt.We can get back to living our lives but Always on the alert to a recurrance of what used to be. Well it was a plesant fiction but then again maybe not… Ill talk more later thanks again for that Tammy putting on JB it means alot…

  4. trevy says:

    Might I also suggest you occasionally check out a blog:

    (Sorry link redacted due to new security policy. Perhaps you could post inTAMWire?)

    It’s about a Conservative in Berkely, CA.
    Talk about being behind enemy lines!

  5. solongbattlestar says:

    Jedediah Bila was on RED EYE on Fox late night and mentioned Tammy. Jedediah brought up the conversation with Tammy earlier on Thursday about how both women live in liberal towns. Greg Gutfeld commented that he liked Tammy. I was hopping there would be joke in there but it was all courteous.

  6. aggedor says:

    Thanks for making this podcast public, Tammy.

    These are great tools for getting the word out and, ‘speaking truth to power.’

    Linky to it is already on my tweetface page. 😀

  7. jeaneeinabottle says:

    Wonderful interview, it’s so nice to hear positive, happy, intelligent women! Can’t wait to get the book, I hope it’s a huge success! Here’s to another crack in their plan to control our thoughts and behavior, God bless you both for taking that risk and having the courage to do so. I know how much energy and strength it takes for both of you to not give up and to lead, thank you, I appreciate it so much. Sincerely, Jan

  8. jeaneeinabottle says:

    One more thing, I’ve had the same thoughts as Jen, I knew I wasn’t alone. It’s the same force that drew me to you Tammy, I know it sounds weird but it’s true! The next couple of years are going to be so exciting and scary at the same time. I have faith we will be ok because we are standing with God/truth and we will be on the right side of history, that is very comforting. 🙂 !!!

  9. makeshifty says:

    I appreciated hearing about Jedediah’s book. I’m not sure if I’d get that much from reading it, because I feel like I’ve lived the theme of her book in some ways. I grew up mostly among liberals, in liberal cities. I was a liberal myself until, ironically, I went to college. I went to a state university in a conservative town, and most of the students were conservative. I was more challenged by my fellow students than I was by my professors about my beliefs, and I allowed myself to be challenged. I don’t know. Perhaps one of the things liberals feel threatened by now is the idea of changing how they see the world. They seek confirmation for what they believe everywhere. I see this among ideological conservatives, too, but I see it very strongly among liberals.

    The one strength I had (and continue to have) is I believe in freedom, and I value what works. I think that liberals would actually strengthen themselves (and there’s a “risk” they’d become conservatives in the process) if they’d allow themselves to change their minds in the face of reason and evidence. The very idea of emphasizing thinking, rather than feeling, having a balance between these sensibilities, is abhorrent to most liberals I’ve met in recent years. This was not always the case, and in a sense it makes me feel distressed for America. The stereotype of conservatives is that we’re ignorant hicks. That might be close to the truth in some parts of the country, but I know of some very well-to-do hicks who are as liberal as they come! They live in my town!

    I have found that it takes courage to admit that I am wrong, to not always be seeking confirmation for my beliefs, and that I need to correct my thinking. In a typical setting, that often signals to others that you shouldn’t be listened to, that you discredit yourself if you admit that you were wrong. But this courage I have, and Ross Perot’s campaign for president in 1992, turned me into a “recovering liberal,” and eventually into a conservative.

    I also had liberal teachers and professors in school who wanted to hear what I thought, who encouraged me to think and speak my mind. I remember when liberals used to be champions of the right of free speech, and who were tolerant of differing opinions. Now that culture appears to be gone among them.

    I have a blog of my own that I write under a pseudonym, to express my political opinions. I live in the progressive enclave of Boulder, Colorado, and I feel as though hiding my identity (on here as well) helps me reveal my thoughts fully, without reservation. I can let my ideas speak for themselves, and not make it personal in the sense that somehow the fact that I have them is a threat to others. I don’t fear any retribution from the other commenters on this blog. I am fully aware that this is public, however.

    I have heard from others who say they don’t feel that comfortable talking with people who hide their identity. Maybe they feel that gives people like me an advantage. I don’t use it as such. I use it for defense. Maybe that’s paranoid of me, but I have heard of incidents where liberals have gone out of their way to vandalize the property of people they disagree with. I haven’t heard of that happening where I live, but I am not the only conservative in my neck of the woods that is suspicious such a thing could happen to them if they are too open about their opinions.

    Like Jedediah, I have thought about leaving where I live now, mostly because of the elitist attitude, the obedience to (liberal) hierarchy that exists here, and the lazy, deluded thinking that creates. If anyone is critical of “the way things are done here,” they suggest you leave. Real tolerant. That’s the progressive attitude: “I don’t want to be challenged!” In fact, I get the sense that a lot of people came here to “to get away” from America. The thing is, I haven’t found a better place yet, though I haven’t looked that hard. I honestly wouldn’t mind living in a community with liberals in it. All I’d ask is that they value learning and understanding, intellectually challenging themselves, and respect thoughtful conversation. Some years ago I thought I might find that more in a university setting, but now I’m skeptical about that.

    My thanks to Jedediah for sharing her story.

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