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  1. Artist4Palin says:

    Howe is not fully commited to Palin but it still was an interesting interview.
    Is he a peace offering from Red State? I loved on TWITTER how you tweaked, Red State’s founder, Erick Erickson’s nose. I used to be fully into Red State but now I am luke warm. Erick is a master at Washington’s rules and regs but his final conclusions about Palin aren’t up to snuff for me.
    Anyway, I will look for Howe and see what he is up to from now on. Would be good to have him in the Palin column.###

  2. LJZumpano says:

    I see the primaries as a chance for the different sides to hang their laundry on the line outside, in the sunshine, for all to see. One would hope that it’s all clean, but if there are stains, or holes, it should be in plain view for inspection. Now, we may decide that a small imperfection is not worth getting tied up in knots about, but at least we are aware and can make an informed decision. It’s not fair for folks to throw mud and other foul things at that laundry, but there is always that risk. I know it upsets some that girl stuff is up there with all the male usual suspect items, but women are here and we’re not leaving, so get used to it. Next year at this time, most of the laundry will have been taken down and we will see who our candidate will be. Careful scrutiny means no October surprise, we’ll thoroughly see the fabric of our choice.

    Then the real battle begins, not with BHO & his cronies, but with all those who claimed they would support the ultimate nominee from our side. Will they all put their time, talent and treasure behind Gov. Palin for the win? Will they embrace the principles she will be focusing on? Will they say, we’ve seen everything we need to see and Gov Palin is our standard bearer? In 2010 we witnessed how the establishment political arm of the GOP actually sabotaged those candidates who threatened their cozy relationships, even to the point of allowing the opposition to win. It would be nice to have a united effort working to defeat BHO & his thugs, but we are not naïve, and we have our eyes wide open, and there will be no free passes. If I am to be expected to do everything I can to defeat BHO, I expect those who want me to support their choice for POTUS to support Gov Palin when she is the one.

  3. ffigtree says:

    Great interview Tammy. I think a lot of us PalinisTams know many like Ben Howe who have grown immune to anything Palin; fellow republicans & conservatives not believing there is anything special about her and looking at us as if we’ve grown a third eye.

    I got a lot out of the discussion on the meme that Sarah “can’t win”. I hear that all the time around here. Without seeing the movie yet, this interview zeroed in on the fact that it is the republican establishment that is the problem; there is no distiction between R and D with the establishment. They are ascared because Sarah has the political histroy of bucking the system to get things done.

    By the way, I noticed your heavy sigh as Ben talked about Bachmann! LOL You did very well holding your tongue. 🙂

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