Amongst expanding to many new cities, “The Undefeated” debuts tonight in Tucson, Arizona at AMC Loews Foothills 15 located at 7401 N. La Cholla Blvd. TAM Artgal will be attending the 7:15 pm showing along with Tucson’s 104.1 The Truth radio host Jon Justice and The Undefeated’s Exec. Producer, Chris Bannon.

There is also a meetup for dinner at 5:30 at Fox and Hound located at 7526 N. La Cholla, next to the mall where the movie will be shown.

For anyone still in need of tickets, they can be purchased at

Have a great time everyone!

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  1. srrchl says:

    Apologies — I have been having trouble posting this comment because I initially included the link — so sorry. So, here it is again in prep for the Palin report. I am already getting my popcorn ready.

    This is outstanding while also confirming Tammy’s prescience. On Wed, July 20, during the online edition of Special Report with Bret Baier there was a discussion about Sarah Palin that featured the turning on of giant lightbulb. All but the nitwit Juan Williams (useless) were talking up Palin with words reminiscent of what Tammy has been saying for — like — forever — as in — winner! Finally, due to The Undefeated and the polls, the so-called experts are finally starting to get it. In this case that would be the only two panelists with a brain on a good day – Krauthammer and Hayes. Krauthammer said that Palin is smart while Bachmann flawed and already slipping in the polls due to her husband’s clinics and the migraine matter. Williams in dumb dumb land still says Palin is polarizing and could run as third party candidate. Earlier in segment, he offered support for Gang of Six; Hello — earth to Juan — could he be any more clueless? (I stopped watching Fox except for Scoreboard w/Tammy because more Juan on Fox has not been a plus and is symbolic of the network’s mainstream, elitist bent that inclues a willingness to give platform to dishonest liberal idiots in love with their babbling bullshit.)

    Was waiting for Sarah Palin to weigh in on crap going down in DC. Thanks for linking her recent comments on Facebook, Tammy.

    One note about my contribution to the cause: Had some major dental work this week and fearlessly made the dentist listen to me extol Sarah Palin before he began to use serious dental machinery in my mouth. I’m not as courageous as you Tammy, but you inspired me to throw caution to the wind in the dentist’s chair and say what had to be said.

    Finally: More notes on Tammy WAY ahead of the curve: Laura Ingraham and Erick Erickson still don’t believe Palin is running; Ingraham won’t discuss Palin as a result and Erickson is having bromance fantasies about Perry — while you, Tammy, are HERE AND CLEAR (get used to it!!!!)

  2. Artgal says:

    The Tucson showing I attended last night was packed! Had a great time meeting up with PalinisTAMs and as has been reported in other theaters – standing ovation at the end 🙂

    BTW: When Tammy first appeared on the screen, the audience erupted in applause – just an fyi 😉

  3. rosebud2186 says:

    In my seat at the
    Milwaukee AMC show! Yay!!! Added bonus: getting 4G on my Droid in the “big city”. Wonder if there’s any other TAM here?!

  4. rosebud2186 says:

    …such an emotional experience! Tammy talks with her hands……who knew? (I think we did ; )

  5. AniMel says:

    Lisa, if I hadn’t had to work, I totally would’ve driven down to T-Town to see it with ya’ll.

  6. Rightmindedmom says:

    I’m a TAM! I was at the 10:20AM showing on Friday, and I just got back from the 4:25PM showing today, Saturday. Mayfair mall is close to my house, so I’ll probably end up seeing it a third time. The bald guy camping outside the theater is an acquaintence of mine. He’s the WI O4Palin coordinator, Bill Lichter.

    Loved that Tammy talked with her hands and got her points across while looking stylish in her leather jacket.

  7. rosebud2186 says:

    Rightminded…..were you disappointed with the turnout? I counted about 25 people.

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