The Sierra Club’s smear ad against Tim Walberg (R-MI) is so over the top you’d think it was a spoof. Environmentalists claim Walberg and other Republicans are trying to weaken the Clean Air Act. Essentially the ad calls Walberg a baby killer.

Arsenic for a baby? Environmental groups blast U.S. Rep. Tim Walberg in multi-million advertising campaign

Walberg’s office released a statement responding to the ad and said Walberg believes regulations should be reviewed to determine their impact on jobs, energy prices, manufacturing and global competition.

“Despite this smear ad, Tim Walberg will continue working to protect American jobs and citizens, move our nation toward energy independence and ensure responsible environmental protections,” Walberg’s Chief of Staff, Joe Wicks, said in a statement. “Tim Walberg is working to protect the quality of the environment without chasing jobs out of Michigan.”

A pretty mild reply but I suppose there’s really no adequate response. It’s pointless to refer to the Tucson civility lecture again.

This really sets a new low but I’m sure the Lib/Dem smear machine will go into overdrive to exceed it. Edward McClelland of NBC Chicago, are you doing your homework? Vote For This Bill, Or A Truck Will Run Over Your Daughter

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  1. ffigtree says:

    Funny how the Sierra Club has their knickers in a wad about “clean air” but they promote and distribute CFL light bulbs – the very light bulbs with the neurotoxin mercury!

    • ffigtree says:

      I wanted to add but my time ran out…

      CFLs in every room including babies rooms. Better hope the CFLs don’t break or literally burn out (which they do releasing horrid smell/toxin).

  2. sharon says:

    Yes, saw this ad… Live here in MI… these people are all crazy I swear to God.

  3. AniMel says:

    I have already stocked up on incandescent bulbs to avoid having to buy CFL’s – and I’m hoping against hope that someone will come to their senses and undo that idiotic piece of legislation before I run out.

  4. dennisl59 says:

    Sierra Club National Headquarters, San Francisco, CA
    Sierra Club Legislative Office, Washington, DC

    I’m sure John Muir is especially proud(/sarc) of the current leaders of the organization he founded, who with malice of forethought and imply through despicable advertising, that elected officials deliberately want to poison children for their own personal political agenda.

    posted 10/27 925pm Texan for [A Meatball Sub(extra Ball)] Time.

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