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Obama’s War on Christianity Continues

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  1. Kat says:

    HMMMMMM…..if a Christmas tree was called a Holiday tree or a Winter Carnival tree, would it still have been taxed? Just askin!
    Love your articles Tammy!!!! Thanks for making me take out my brain, dust it off, and use it!!!! LOL!

  2. cactuswren says:

    Excellent column Tammy! Thanks for reading it, I put it aside until tomorrow. Low and behold I was listening to the podcast while cooking dinner and you “killed two birds with one stone” for me : )

  3. Sue Lynn says:

    That was simply great. Thank you Tammy…..

  4. gkin31 says:

    This is my favorite one yet, good job Tammy 🙂

  5. lovestohootowls says:

    Hey, Tammy. My husband and I enjoy dinner with you each evening as we listen to your show and briefing! You are a great dinner guest and always enhance our conversation. Tonight was especially good with hearing you read your article. Perhaps you should consider reading your weekly articles on a routine basis. Hearing you read it enhances the experience! We have found a 60% increase in the use of the “the” word since becoming TAMS!
    you are a Hoot! and that’s a good thing!

  6. Ladybug13USA says:

    Tammy, that was a totally brilliant article! You kicked Urkel’s butt to Bali and back.
    The TAMily should present you with custom made red, white, and blue sequined cleats for Christmas. 🙂

  7. NancyB says:

    Fabulous column Tammy! I have forwarded to family members. As I often do; I pray to God to cast out this creep & his family out of the White House, I truly believe they are evil.

  8. IloiloKano says:

    Gee, Tammy. Tell me how you really feel about Erkle! 😉

  9. trevy says:

    Great article!
    I think you’re closer to accepting Jesus Christ as your Savior than you like to think.

    I’ll keep Praying that you do.

  10. Kimj7157 says:

    Excellent!! BHO’s anti-Christian and anti-semetic core is undeniable. Astonishingly blatant.

    There is no way he will be President for another four years. I truly believe Obama was our wake-up call as Americans. We get it and, as a result, the Tea Party Movement was born and is here for good. We don’t need to “occupy” anything to get our message out or for our voices to be heard or to be the catalyst for constructive change.

    Tammy–you’ve talked many times of our Nation having a “spark of the Divine”.
    I’ve always loved that phrase. It’s at OUR core and the likes of a BHO or the Left will never change that.

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