Here we are, the last weekend of 2011, a perfect time to reflect on your “Most Favorite” “Most Important” or “Most Ridiculous” videos, clips, stories, events of the year. Have at it everyone! Thank goodness 2011 is behind us. 2012 is going to need a big, firm hug from those in charge–and that would be us ๐Ÿ™‚ When it comes to important stories of the year, here’s a list, certainly not exhaustive, of an exhausting and crazy year. I think you might be surprised looking back on just a small list of what happened this last year:

Bin Laden is Dead
Gabrielle Giffords shooting
Palin: Announces national bus tour; ‘Undefeated released;Announces she’s not running
Obama’s campaign starts with Occupests
Casey Anthony acquitted of murder
Japan’s earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear crisis
Gov. Walker’s collective bargaining changes for Wisconsin
Fast & Furious exposed
Oslo Massacre
Canada Goes Conservative
Islamist Extremist takeover of Middle East (aka “Arab Spring”)
Royal Wedding of William and Kate

Politico rounds up their Top 10 political moments

And the 2011 Top 10 Tweets of the Year (according to them).

Most Viewed YouTube Videos of 2011

My favorite on the list, also featured here on Tammy Blog a few months ago:

And the most important thing about 2011? Obama is one year closer to getting his ass kicked ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  1. dennisl59 says:

    Here’s my very, very short list for 2011:

    Best Political Speech: Sara Palin @ Madison

    Most Overrated Event: L.A.’s Carmageddon

    Worst Prediction: Palin announcing she’s running for President Labor Day Weekend.

    Worst Dressed: Hillary Clinton in Bali.

    posted 12/30 610pm Texas [Winning!] Time.

  2. RuBegonia says:

    With Tammy’s favorite YouTube video in mind, here’s the maybe not so subtle Palinista Pivot Point of 2011 โ˜ž

  3. shellym says:

    #1 – Living in Missouri, aside from the other tornadoes that came through the St. Louis area in the spring, I think of the F5 tornado that literally ripped apart the City of Joplin on 5/22/11.

    #2 – Witnessing Palin’s “crony capitalism” speech while standing out in the beautiful (although on that day, very rainy) fields of Indianola, Iowa and thinking how much it sounded like a campaign speech and wanting it to be so, only to be disappointed.

    #3 – The great pleasure of meeting Tammy and so many TAMs in IA & AZ

    Honorable mention: dirty prom dress ?? ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Kat says:

      Oh ShellyM, the Tornado in Joplin….WOW! I live in AR and our local Tea Party collected clothes, toiletries, cots, bedding, along with washcloths and towels! We were one of many van loads of items that went to Joplin about one week after the Tornado struck! O-M-G, I have never seen and hope I never will again see such devastation! The people of Joplin are the perfect example of Americans! Their Spirit and Will continue to amaze! May God continue to Bless them!

    • dennisl59 says:

      I nominate for “TAM Chatroom Comment of the Year”:

      “Dirty Prom Dress…”

      Used in a sentence: After Palin announces she’s not running for the Republican nomination for President, we were discarded like a “Dirty Prom Dress”. This wisecrack then evokes Tammy’s biggest on-air laugh of the year.

      Do we have a 2nd?

      posted 12/31 800am Texas[Wha? No Corsage?]Time.

    • Trish S says:

      Honorable mention: dirty prom dress?? YOU BETCHA!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • KCBob4Tam says:

      Living in KC it also hit close to home here. Besides visiting Joplin many times I have several friends there. I also remember that the tornadoes that hit Oklahoma two days later were at first thought to be headed to Joplin also. Thank God that didn’t happen. I had my bypass surgery the day after Joplin and it was all I could do but to be glued to the TV during my stay. I wasn’t able to physically go there but we did help organize relief help for the area. The other thing I remember is the government taking away much needed relief funds so they could give them to the “flood ravaged” East coast.

      Joplin 5:41

  4. Kat says:

    Out of respect of those mentioned in the link I previously posted….I am writing this as a completely unrelated post!
    Most Amazing Event of 2011….When the Furkel went to the Pahkeestahn and killed Bin Laden with his own two hands!
    A close second is when he went to Egypt and personally (yet peacefully) removed Mubarack from power!
    And of course, how could we forget when he snuck into Libya and flushed Quadaffi from his hidey hole so he had to flee in that caravan so the Rebels could capture and then kill him!…..Amazing….just Amazing!
    There are so many events the Furkels have done that I can’t name them all! Actually, I would really love to forget the Furkels all together! ๐Ÿ˜€

    On a personal note…what a year! My daughter is teaching at a private school in Memphis and my son (my baby) graduated high school and started college! The Hubby….well….he’s still the Hubby LOL! (love you honey)! But for me I think joining the TAMS was one of the best things I did this year! What an amazing fellowship Tammy has created! Thank you TAMS for making one feel Welcome (this is the best online group I have ever belonged to)! Thank you Pat S and Gina for all of your help and hard work! And last but definitely not least… THANK YOU TAMMY for… well….everything! God Bless You All!

    • careless says:

      and……… you got a BFF out of the deal. I just have to say, with that, you made out like a bandit! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Kat says:

        BFF is the icing on the cake! *whispers in Careless’ear* I didnt want to make everyone jealous with my good fortune! SHHHHH….dont tell BFF! ๐Ÿ˜€
        Thanks Buddy…you are much appreciated!

  5. jeaneeinabottle says:

    Forget 2011, thank God we made it through the year, I rather just look at the cute picture of Syd ๐Ÿ™‚

    • jeaneeinabottle says:

      Sorry Tammy, I thought the video was Syd, I can’t watch the video b/c my internet is so slow it would either crash or take forever if it didn’t. I know Syd is so much cuter, but hey, that ones mug isn’t bad either. Maybe I’m just so tired of it all right now too. Happy New Year to you.

  6. greenlantern2011 says:

    I will forever be thankful to 2011, an otherwise poopy year*, as the year the great Stevie Nicks made a new phenomenal entry, at the tender age of 63, into her compilation of albums in “In Your Dreams”. Singlehandedly, she has shown us the way a person of integrity and grace makes her way through stormy and difficult situations, relationships, and times and is also an example of continuing musical and professional evolution and perfection. Here is one of my favorite tracks, “Moonlight”:

    *Sadly, I will also always remember 2011 as the year we all lost Sarah Palin. All of us, that is, except her family, the people to whom she rightly feels the most responsibility. And as much as we grieve it, was the right decision for her.

  7. dennisl59 says:

    Turner Classic Movies Remembers 2011.

    posted 12/31 1135am Texas Time.

  8. gkin31 says:

    I have to say my favorite Tammy show was the casual friday when Tammy was on her new medicine and kind of loopy ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy New Year everyone!

  9. flaggman says:

    Up here in The Great White North, the Harper Conservatives winning their long-coveted majority government was the highlight of the year, without a doubt. Favorite moment stateside was Palin’s Madison speech. I was certain that was a preview of 2012, so I guess that makes Palin-entering-the-race the worst prediction of the year. Favorite book of the year, David Mamet’s “The Secret Knowledge”, because it’s the best example in years of the left simply ignoring things that go against their delusional world view. A good read, too.

  10. Trish S says:

    Most memorable event- witnessing history watching Palin’s Indianola CAMPAIGN speech with my amazing daughter and a most impressive and inspirational girl from LA who I have learned much from! Many events in the past year(or two) have taught me that one should always have a plan(s) B,C,D…

    I predict that the most important event(s) of our lifetimes will be happening in 2012. How we deal with the uncertainty will define us as citizens, as well as, TAMS. Lucky for all of the aforementioned peeps, we have a chick with a gun and a microphone on our team!

    Thanks Tammy, Gina, Syd, Snoopy and all of the TAMS for making this a most memorable year. The TAM fellowship is remarkable! Cleats on TAMS!

  11. Shifra says:

    The most over-used phrase of 2011, one I hope never to hear again: “kicking the can down the road.”

    Biggest Liberal lie of the year: Debbie Wasserman Schultz: “The economy is getting better.”

    Creepiest Senate speech: Harry Reid whining about not being able to go home, and missing his pomegranate trees because the debt ceiling issue had not yet been resolved. (I was thinking of providing a video clip, but then you would have to hide the children and pets)

    Most absurd “I-don’t understand-anything-about-economics” remark: Nancy Pelosi explaining that unemployment insurance is the “biggest bang for your bucks” in stimulating the economy.

    Funniest Tammy story: Tammy’s *very brief* experience in group therapy.(ROFLMAO just thinking about it….)

    Funniest Tammy Daily Tam Briefing line: “using a hula hoop while holding a squirrel.”

    Best group of people to hang out with: TAMS in chatroom ๐Ÿ™‚

    Happy New Year, everyone!!!!

  12. Shifra says:

    Best speech in Washington DC: Benjamin Netanyahu’s address to Congress

    Best smackdown of the DB: Netanyahu’s meeting with the DB in WH

    Biggest DB meltdown: Report of the DB screaming at White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley, after Netanyahu smackdown: “What the F- was that?” and โ€œNever again! Do you understand me? Never again!โ€

    Biggest wish for 2012: pics of stunned Mr. and Mrs. DB when they realize they will be leaving the WH much sooner than expected ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. careless says:

    Okay TAMS, I’m kind of new at this so bear with me. Best phrase of the year: Johnny Don’t Like’s, “Verbal Masturbation.” (Sorry Tammy)

    More Stoopidest Phrases of The Year: Pretty much anything America’s Dumbest Vice-President, Hairplugs McBiden, uttered but my favorite would have to be, “You have to have a slight Indian accent to work at Dunkin’ Donuts, honest to G-d.” (I know he didn’t say it this year but still…) Major league dumbass! (Sorry Tammy)

    3rd best thing of the year: Almost (and finally) getting a hottie President. Dang it!

    2nd best thing of the year (for me): Having my very 1st novel coming out (in Jan). The Dudley Files: Sold Out Without The Holdout. If you love dogs and laughing out loud, you’ll want a copy of this.

    1st best thing of the year: Listening to Tammy Bruce (who’s still ONLY 99% right all of the time) and having a fellowship of The TAMS. The TAMS are just F’ing awesome! (Sorry Tammy – oh, never mind I didn’t cuss that time) ๐Ÿ™‚

    Happy New Year Bruce girls and TAMS! It’s 2012 and we’re going to be doing some major league ass kicking. (sorry Tammy – see above)


    ps. May your 2012 be Furkel, Moochelle, and Meagan McCain free! hee, tee, hee, OMG!

  14. Patricia says:

    Can you believe we forgot about Anthony Weiner!!! Yeah US!

  15. Piratin says:

    Grievous constitutional abuses abounded in 2011. Tammy just pointed one out a few days ago and, even if you heard this on her show, THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT. It reveals either a frighteningly fascist side of the GOP or sheer ineptitude! or both, of course…

    Tammy Bruce – The Virginia GOP Is Requiring A Loyalty Oath To Vote In The Primary

    Tammy Bruce Read The Loyalty Oath That The Virginia GOP Wants You To Sign Before You Can Vote

    Re “the pledge”: At least it includes the tempered word “intend”. But the whole idea of it is stupid and ill conceived. Tammy is right re only registered Repubs should be able to vote in primaries. That would be effective!!

  16. Piratin says:

    Ok, two last things and then I’m off to 2012!!

    libtards endangering military (note: I don’t like the use of the term “tards” for anything, but for lack of time to find a better-titled vid..):

    and then the last few seconds of this…“one less bell to answer” by Tammy, after the Israeli military killed Abdullah Talbani, a jihadist operative, according to, but merely described as a “a Palestinan resident of the Gaza Strip” by (who is that, I wonder…??)

    anyway, this song about this military strike was BRILLIANT AND black humor comedy gold!

    One less bell to answer (play the last few golden minutes)

  17. LJZumpano says:

    It certainly was a busy year.
    I vote for the great TAM avi created by @PatriciaSmiley aka Patricia in Chat. I reprinted it on label paper, cut it out and created my personal TAM coffee mug. I do believe it has increased the potency of my coffee during Tammy time at work and I raise it proudly on Wednesday during Cow time.
    Another label on the cover of my laptop, as well as others on the covers of notebooks serve as reminders that being unruly, independent conservatives doesn’t mean we aren’t part of a greater Exceptional American dynamic, perfectly illustrated through the Tammy Army.
    Thank you Patricia for using your talent in such a meaningful way. Thank you TAMs for the fellowship and wisdom you freely share. Thank you Tammy for accepting the challenge of leading us thru the weeds and showing us how important it is move beyond our comfort zone into the fray. With TAMs the whole is truly greater than the indivivdual parts.
    Look out 2012, the TAMs are here. Woo Hoo!

  18. flaggman says:

    Almost forgot my favorite Tammy moment of the year. It was the show just after Rick Perry got into the race as the “jobs” candidate. She started going down the list of unemployment rates by state, and by the Perry campaign logic, decided to nominate the Governor of North Dakota for President. Then, a few weeks later, someone from the Wall Street Journal (I think it was WSJ) wrote a column saying exactly the same thing! And notice that Perry’s campaign completely dropped the “jobs” BS as a campaign theme, and replaced it with cheap pandering to the Jerry Falwell circa 1982 view of evangelicals.

  19. deaves1 says:

    My favorite line of 2011 has to be Governor Palin’s speech in Madison WI when she said that “big business should be allowed to rise or fall on their own just like the rest of us”. As for Newt comments part on considering Governor Palin as a VP pick, Newt is merely pandering to us Palinistas because he knows we are leery of his motives.

  20. Rob_W says:

    I donโ€™t know what I would have done without the TAM chatroom the day after Sarah broke our hearts. I laughed so hard it hurt. โ€œDirty Prom Dressโ€ gets my vote for most memorable comment of the year. We are TAMily.

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