Another dinosaur is extinct. Congratulations to Richard Mourdock and to Tea Party activists. The media weeps.

Washington Post
Sen. Richard Lugar loses primary to Richard Mourdock

Sen. Richard Lugar (R-Ind.) lost his primary on Tuesday, becoming the latest Republican to fall victim to a tea party-fueled opponent.

Dick Lugar Loses To Tea Party’s Richard Mourdock In Indiana Republican Senate Primary

The Tea Party tossed another veteran Republican overboard Tuesday night, voting six-term Republican Sen. Dick Lugar from office in a heated Indiana primary.

Richard Lugar loses primary to Tea Party challenger Mourdock

Lugar’s exit from the Senate could contribute to the further polarization of an already bitterly-divided Congress.

Mourdock Defeats Lugar in Indiana

In Lugar, the Senate would lose one of its few remaining members with a habit of bipartisanship. In Mourdock, Lugar has been unseated by a mild-mannered, twice-elected statewide official who wants to eliminate five federal departments and cut more spending than House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan, R-Wis., would.


And of course Obama has to chime in.
Obama praises Lugar’s career after primary loss

Obama says in a statement that he and Lugar didn’t agree on everything, but he praised Lugar for his willingness to — in Obama’s words — reach across the aisle and get things done.

Obama says Lugar has — quote — “served his constituents and his country well.”

Aw, maybe he and Lugar can spend some quality time together after November when they’re both out of office.

Mourdock’s victory speech:

Lugar comments:

Whoopsie, it looks like this guy’s endorsement didn’t help Lugar much.

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What Lugar’s loss could mean for a Pres. Romney

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  1. Shifra says:

    Pat_S: “Bwaahhhhh” ? Is that the sound of Peggy Noonan crying? She felt we needed a “grown-up” (Lugar) in the Senate.

    HAHAHAHAHAHA – sound of *me* — laughing 🙂

  2. dilvish says:

    See? The Tea Party is dead! Wait…what?

  3. jeaneeinabottle says:

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Happy Happy Happy dance!!!!! I hope that scared the hell out of someone out there!!! Yes! We are coming for all of you, we. have. had. ENOUGH!

  4. TigerAim says:

    Yay! So glad to read this news!! And, waah! Waah! The “bipartisan” guy lost … whatever!

  5. dennisl59 says:

    Lugar voted for Eric Holder to be Attorney General…Good Riddance, Pissant.

    posted 5/8 810pm Texas[Cruz for Senate!]Time

  6. FrankRemley says:

    Lugar at one time was a decent Senator but like most of that establishment Washington crowd he stayed on the job too long. 30 years is long enough. Time to turn in his keys and go back to Indiana.

  7. snit3 says:

    Mourdock has the potential of becoming one more conservative vote in the Senate. This is great!

  8. AniMel says:

    Hallelujah! The good guys win another one!

  9. handsofmajic says:

    We Hoosiers are doing our part. The idea that they are a BUM, but they’re our BUM is no longer valid in Indiana.
    YES! there is a ** M O U R D O C K ** sign in my front yard. Yes! I work from home and if I have clients who find that to be uncomfortable, they don’t want me giving them their massages anyway.
    Taking a day off to enjoy, gloat, celebrate then its back to work. Looking forward to hearing Tammy’s thoughts.

  10. WalkStar says:

    Reports of the Tea Party’s death are greatly exaggerated! What a thrilling victory!

  11. MaryVal says:

    WOOOOOOOHOOOO!!!! Adios, Lugar. We won’t miss you.

  12. ancientwrrior says:

    As was said in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, by the guardian Knight, of the bad guy picking the wrong grail cup, “He chose poorly”.

  13. greenlantern2011 says:

    Michelle Malkin points out that this is HISTORICAL! It hasn’t happened since Algore’s dad won his senate seat from a similarly long-entrenched incumbent. I think that was when the earth was still cooling from the first global warming! Read all about it at her site!

  14. Maynard says:

    I haven’t paid close attention to this race, so I won’t speak as if I know what should happen. In general, I appreciate it when a candidate and a campaign displays grace, while at the same time standing firmly for their principles. I despise Obama because he and his supporters have made it clear that they despise me; I’d rather support a candidate that doesn’t promote divisiveness and even hate. Anyway, Mourdock’s victory speech is impressive (he can speak well off the cuff!) and wise; among other things, he’s aware that he’s going to need those Lugar voters if he’s to prevail in November. We’ve seen tea party candidates that couldn’t close the deal — Sharron Angle and Christine O’Donnell come to mind. And there have been victories, such as Rand Paul. And a few that we have gripes with, but we’re going to need them so I’m willing to shrug off some differences, such as Scott Brown, not to mention John McCain. Anyway, good for Mourdock, and I hope this plays out well. And you can slap me around for this, but I still appreciate Peggy Noonan’s ongoing quest for adults in Washington, and it would comfort me if she’d evaluate and certify Mr. Mourdock as an official adult. As Mourdock said, Mr. Lugar is not the enemy, and he never will be; I’ll say the same about Ms. Noonan.

  15. lawmom90 says:

    Dick Lugar agrees with Obama, endorses Obama on certain projects–he is MY enemy. Furthermore, I don’t have the clip handy, but I believe he couldn’t meet residency requirements in Indiana to vote in some small-ranging referendum. That is a problem, in my opinion. Peggy Noonan supporting him for re-election tells me more about her. Sarah Palin endorsing Mourdock and him “blasting” Lugar tells me even more and it’s exciting. We are kicking those old farts out of office one by one. The cronyism has got to stop, for the good of this country and her survival.

  16. Teri says:

    Yes, doing the Snoopy dance ! Send them all to pasture !

  17. Abbey says:

    As a Hoosier, I’m so stinking happy about this! Hopefully this is another sign of what’s yet to come for the Senate!

  18. otlset says:

    I think Peggy Noonan deserves a little credit for the results here. It’s the famous “Noonan Effect”.

  19. Alain41 says:

    Snoopy Dance!

    Lugar should have retired. Liberals are bemoaning about the good that he did on nuclear non-proliferation, how can he be sent to pasture. Hooey. H.W. Bush did good on Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait, and Goodbye. Sarkozy did good on immigration melting pot, and Goodbye. Churchill did good on WWII, and Goodbye. Lugar got six terms, 36 years. Enough. The country is in major trouble, economic and freedom, and he doesn’t take responsibility for it. Snoopy Dance!

  20. sandyl says:

    Hey all you Snoopy & Happy Dancers, Come Join Me….The Conga line starts HERE. 🙂

  21. radargeek says:

    This old RINO! I remember his last election, He was asked how he was planning to cut the spending in Washington. All he said was that “He was focused like a laser.” Wow, that really answered the question. In fact, most of the R candidates kept saying the same line “..focused like a laser,” as if it was their ticket to congress! Apparently it was because Lugar and other RINO’s fooled the people and were voted in. I’m glad to see “the people” demanded more substance from these RINOs and the republican party this time around. TEA!

  22. Foreverautumn says:

    I’m DEFINITELY breathing a bit easier! (* PANT!PANT!PANT! *)

    Now, if Walker wins the recall election, and the Supremes throw out ObamaCare IN IT’S ENTIRETY, and upholds SB1070, and we can throw out Urkel in November…

    (Holding breath again…)

  23. makeshifty says:

    The night I heard about Mourdoch’s win I was listening to the radio. Someone from the Daily Caller or Politico called in and made commentary on it. It was striking. He said that Mourdoch’s definition of compromise is, “When the Democrats come over to my side.” I loved hearing that, because that’s what I want in Republicans I vote for. (Too bad I’m in CO. We don’t have Republicans like that here.) Too often I hear about Republicans compromising by giving up what they want and giving Democrats what they want. It’s like the Democrats are always excused for not budging very much, but Republicans? Oh come on! Move, dammit! Get something done!

    The guy said sarcastically to Mourdoch’s philosophy, “Good luck with that.” He went on to say that the Tea Party was the main reason “nothing got done last year, because they didn’t compromise.” Do you hear that? Nothing got done because *the Republicans didn’t compromise*. The same attitude. Unfortunately the Republican Party has long had this pragmatic streak in it, where higher value was placed in “getting something done.” And if the Democrats were recalcitrant, well, “You just gotta get along to move things along, no matter what you want.” NO MORE! It’s time the Democrats gave something up, actually moved “backwards” in their agenda, to reach a compromise. They can feel like what it’s been like to be a Republican for a while. It’ll be good for the country. If the Democrats are content to not be pragmatic, stand stubbornly where they are, and watch the country go down in flames, that’s on them. Republicans have given PLENTY to their agenda in past decades. That’s the reason we are where we are now.

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