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Fresh off her previous on-air proclamations that turned out to be false, Andrea Mitchell hops right back on the horse to pass judgment on Veep candidate Paul Ryan, declaring him to be Mr. Wrong for the American female.

I’m confident the grateful women of America will appreciate her valuable wisdom and reverse the current polling trends.

Andrea Mitchell declares Ryan ‘not a pick for women’

NBC’s Andrea Mitchell, in her attempt to put Mitt Romney’s choice of Paul Ryan as his running mate in context over the weekend, declared the selection is “not a pick for women.”
The comment quickly caught fire on conservative blogs, and the Media Research Center pointed to it as an early sign of the negative coverage the Wisconsin congressman can expect going forward.
“(Mitchell has) wholeheartedly jumped into this war-on-women meme that the Obama people have put out,” said Rich Noyes, MRC’s research director, accusing Mitchell of trying to “amplify the Obama campaign’s message.” […]

The comment was an apparent reference to both Ryan’s opposition to abortion — he is a Catholic — and his position that the health care overhaul should be repealed. That law contains a controversial provision requiring free contraceptive coverage.

However, Ryan rates fairly well among female voters. A CNN poll from early August, shortly before Ryan was announced as running mate, showed 22 percent of women viewed Ryan favorably, compared with 15 percent who had an unfavorable opinion of him. A majority of female registered voters either had no opinion of him or hadn’t heard of him.

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  1. Alain41 says:

    Definite Democrat talking point with no independent evaluation by the ‘reporter’. If she could say something like, in the elections that Ryan has won, he only got xxx percent of the women’s vote, that would provide some good context.

  2. LucyLadley says:

    Just wondering specifically why Andrea Mitchell feels Paul Ryan is not a pick for women? I especially like that he is bow hunter & a fisherman & that he comes from a family that has owned a construction business. Andrea should know better than to stereo type “not a pick for women”. Maybe, Andrea Mitchell is “not a pick for women”.

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