Great stuff on this last day of the RNC convention. We have the President Reagan tribute video, the remarkable Clint Eastwood appearance and the ever-important Mitt Romney speech.

*During* the convention bounce! Poll: Romney gets convention bounce, takes national lead

**Please click here and visit Fox News Insider for the full Romney speech**

The awesome Reagan tribute video:

‘Romneyville’ protest more of a ghost town

Charlie Cook: Tonight May Be More Important Than the Debates

Romney makes his case: ‘Need jobs, lots of jobs’

The Eastwood speech/chat with an empty chair 😉 Possibly the best political ridicule I’ve ever heard.

Full Rubio speech/Romney introduction:

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  1. TheGreenHornet says:

    That sure got on Youtube quick. Outstanding speech. I wish I could have been there for that magic moment. I’m sure there will be a spike in Clint Eastwood movie sales for the next day or two.

  2. sandyl says:

    Wow I miss Reagan!!

  3. Shifra says:

    I always said Obama was an empty suit. Now I can say Obama is an empty chair.

  4. Wow! What a night! I thought Romney did a terrific job. I thought Mr. Eastwood was about to drop the ball here and there, but he pulled it off pretty well for a guy his age:) I love his comment that “We own this country!” that and “All pols go begging for our votes every 4 years, and that they are employees of ours. If someone can’t get the job done, we should not be afraid to let them go.” wow!!
    on a side note: I am very lucky to be spending the weekend in Sofia, Bulgaria. It is very strange and yet reconfirms all of my beliefs in the USA when I see and hear our leaders speak about our freedoms and economic opportunities, and at that same moment I look out my window and see the remains of a decaying city struggling to rebuild after generations of communism. When you see up close and hear directly from the people how there life is nowadays, and how little they make at their job, one can really be so thankful you were born in the USA.

    • ancientwrrior says:

      You are very fortunate Prince of Heft, that you are seeing first hand the poorer life that people less fortunate than us live. How very much we take our rich nation and our blessed freedom for granted, until we see how much the rest of the world lives. And yes, I thought that Clint did stumble a bit at times, (I should do as well at his age) but in the end he did Make My Day. 🙂 Mr Romney did indeed, come out head and shoulders above anyone else vying for the job of POTUS. We have a winner, and I will be offering him the job with my vote.

      • yes indeed! I am reluctantly voting for him, but I feel Palin or Newt could have also knocked it out of the park in such a setting. I just hope Mitt is all his wife and friends say he is. I feel safe that he is, and that he has a special way of working that in the end, gets results. That is what matters most in the end. I will give him a shot to “get it done”. I dont want to hear excuses and blame any more. Have fun over there in the good ol USA! I sure miss it.

        oh yah, and I also “hope” that all the RINOs, Mitt included, are very very humbled by their fiscal failures of the Bush years, and totally rethink the way they practice their crony capitalism, and compassionate conservatism. It is they that got us in this debt mess in the first place, which set up the situation for such an a_s like BO to get in power in the first place. My Lord! We have almost lost our country and constitution over it! Amen! Can I get a witness???

    • dennisl59 says:

      “see the remains of a decaying city struggling to rebuild after generations of communism…”

      Sounds like Detroit, but they’ve given up now.

      posted 8/31 733am Texas[Motorcity Madman]Time

  5. jeaneeinabottle says:

    Loved loved loved Clint Eastwood!!!! First time in a long time I laughed so hard my neighbors could hear me 🙂 >! They ALL were great, now lets kick some ass!

  6. LJZumpano says:

    IMO Clint was the “palate cleanser” before the main course. During the past few days, we have heard some pretty heavy stuff. There was someone to represent just about every faction in the GOP, (with the notable absence of #ThatWoman). Based on how twitter exploded when he appeared, I would say Clint was a refreshing break and knowing how he’s set the left on fire, it kinda makes my day.

  7. n9zf says:

    A lib from Denton TX had his tweet read on Fox and Friends this morning, “I can’t believe Clint was so disrespectful to the President.” He shouldn’t worry, he will be very disrespectful to President Romney for the next 8 years to make up for it.

  8. midget says:

    Loved Clint. The only thing I fear is that SNL now has an opening sketch of Clint with his pants wrapped around his nipples screaming at a bunch of chairs with the RNC logo in the background. I’m not being negative, its a given. Their mockery is very effective to young voters.

  9. kwilder says:

    Did anyone else catch Rubio’s freudian slip? That we need “more gov’t and less freedom”? I see extremely few pols that really want to reduce the size, scope, and spend of the fed gov’t, and I didn’t hear any speakers this week discuss it (maybe Cruz touched on it… I didn’t hear his speech).

    Tammy is correct… the only chance to get this country back on track is a Tea Party Senate & Congress. The biggest problem I see getting there, however, is that so many American Citizens are dependent on their gov’t “cheese”, and getting them to stop the freeloading is going to be a challenge.

  10. WalkStar says:

    What a night! Ready for Nov. 6. I wish we didn’t have to slog through the debates and could vote before lunch today. Excited! Hopeful! Charged up!

  11. paul14 says:

    Caught the 1st few minutes of Greta. She was asking if Clint’s speech would hurt Romney?
    What’s the matter with her? Is she a democrat?

  12. Kevin says:

    Last night was near perfect. How can any reasonable person watch the moving testimonials, patriotic olympic medalists, Clint, Rubio and then finally a heart-felt speech from Mitt and not vote this ticket?
    Most of the post-commentary on all channels revealed these talking heads live in a dark box called Inside the Beltway. They don’t know America or Americans. When is Fox News going to get rid of a Bushie or ten and pick up a Tea Party voice to sit on one of their panels? Why is Dana Perino even on TV? Does Brit Hume ever say anything interesting? Why is Kristol considered smart? On and on….

  13. Dave says:

    You cant be ” afraid” of what SNL is going to do to Clint.
    F -SNL….. Clint was/is Clint. He’ll blow your head CLEAN OFF!
    What else would Clint do but BE Clint,hes not gonna pander..
    did you see Gran Torino?
    Nobody that is addicted to SNL will be voting for Romney anyway.
    I know stage hands on that show, and FORGET IT! Total libs.

    By the way, got a chance to watch this Rachel Madcow on msnbc…. Holy Sht,
    Thats one scarey Biotch. OBNOXIOUS took on a new meaning.

  14. strider says:

    Very nice work by Clint and everyone at the convention. MSNCB is the new low spot of American journalism.

  15. MaryVal says:

    Watching Clint was bittersweet. He was great, esp loved his line, if somebody does not do the job, we gotta let ’em go. A touch of regret in the line, as in, too bad you didn’t work out; and no hesitation: you gotta go. Clint has BO’s number: BO does not do the job, he only wants to use the airplane. But Clint also looked a lot older, and somewhat frail. That made me a little sad.

  16. lawmom90 says:

    TPTV Tea Party TV or TBTV Tammy Bruce TV 🙂 We could all send in a dollar and pay Tammy’s salary–they’d be clamoring to come on so they could get exposure to the grassroots.

  17. Maynard says:

    Seems that the Clint Eastwood “interview” with the empty chair didn’t go over so well in some circles. MSNBC has refuted Eastwood by circulating a picture of a chair with Obama actually in it. Take that, Clint!

  18. ancientwrrior says:

    Maynard, even when we see him (O), there is nobody there. With him, there is no there there. A zero is nothing.

  19. Maynard says:

    This WSJ editorial expresses concern that Mitt placed himself at risk by not being more specific on details of economic policy. Sure, he said he’d help the middle class, but how? The danger, they say, is that Romney remains a blank slate that Obama will paint as evil.

    He might have taken this tone, the WSJ speculates, for good reason.

    This isn’t because Mr. Romney lacks an agenda. His platform is brimming with ideas, most of them good and many excellent. He simply didn’t talk about them. No doubt this was a strategic political calculation—perhaps a judgment, based on polling, that Mr. Romney’s main challenge is to reassure undecided voters that he’s not heartless, scary or extreme.

    I understand what the WSJ is concerned about, but I don’t know if they’re right. I think most voters want a candidate they can believe in, rather than a wonk with a heavy cauldron of facts. Obama rode to victory in 2008 as a blank slate with a couple of cool slogans. The convention may not have unveiled the details of policy, but they made the general focus and philosophy of the candidates very clear (“It’s the economy, stupid!”), and it made them human. So I’d take issue with this challenge, but it’s worth hearing.

  20. strider says:

    A list of government agencies and departments to be rapidly unwound and closed would be nice. Otherwise the economy will mope along like a big lake trout with a lamprey eel stuck on its side.

  21. Chuck says:’s picture of the empty chair with Clint’s hand is precious. If you want to take a look, click on the “Leading From Behind: Empty Chair To Visit Louisiana On Monday” article at the site.

  22. Kimj7157 says:

    I was disappointed that Saturday morning “Fox and Friends” were talking about Clint’s speech at RNC in less than favorable light. That it took away from the serious message to follow and many Romney staffers were rushing to distance themselves. Oh, for pete’s sake. Unlike some, we the (majority) of people have an acutal sense of humor, and our delicate sensibilities were not offended…by a long shot. I loved that Eastwood winged it. He had the entire Convention Hall in the palm of his hand, and was right on the money. We are well aware of the seriousness of our current situaion, and we’re doing something about it. Having a few lighter-hearted minutes was good for our collective souls, I think. Romney needed to be presidential. Clint Eastwood didn’t. Love him for what he did.

  23. MaryVal says:

    Eastwood wasn’t celebrity, he was just plain folks. Direct, plain spoken, down-to-earth. I think that’s who he is, and that came across to everyone watching. Well except the lefty media having a conniption. Better get used to it lefties. We’re coming to kick your patooties and fire your AWOL loser preezy. I want Clint to be 62 years old though, instead of 82 years old. I don’t want to say goodbye to Clint anytime soon.

    Didn’t watch Rubio, can’t watch Rubio, won’t watch Rubio. I’m with Tammy on this one, I’m waiting for the shoe to drop with him. Rubio is a legend in his own mind, already, and appears to crave attention and flattery. Rubio’s election to office, the chatter about possible VP slot for him, and the attention it has garnered him has gone to his head, you can almost hear that noggin inflating. That is not a good thing. It makes him an easy target for manipulation and makes it easy to for him to justify *anything* he does. Because he’s so historic and all. That’s my impression, at any rate. I hope I’m wrong. Or if I’m not wrong, he gains some maturity, finds his balance and lives by principle.

  24. longhorn mama says:

    That Eastwood speech was a well-crafted performance. Do not be naive and think otherwise. It was delivered brilliantly and effectively. There were elements of Newhart, Rickles, and a bit of Jimmy Stewart. Every halting sentence concluded with a zinger. Personally I loved his pointed remarks about the wars which are just as much a critique of GOP as BO. Romney is not a perfect candidate, not by a long shot. But Obama? When you can’t get the job done, we have to let you go. See Hugh Hewitt agrees with me.

  25. Maynard says:

    In retrospect, I think the “Make my day!” line from “Dirty Harry” evokes the wrong imagery. Our scenario is more along the lines of “Play Misty for Me”, with a young, attractive Barry Soetoro cast in the role of the seductive femme fatale who turns out to be a psycho killer.

    And while I’m on the subject of cheap shots, here’s the slogan du jour: Barack Obama: No backbone, All backside

  26. wastubbs says:

    well, i like longhorns. But I belive we will have Obama 4 more years

  27. wastubbs says:


  28. midget says:

    longhorn- Great clip. I can see how that might have been his point. Wow, would that fly over the heads of the hollywood elite !

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