This video comes from in response to coverage from The Blaze, exposing the remarkable length to which ‘Morning Joe’ on MSNBC went this morning in their continuing attempt to smear Romney. We know the left is becoming increasingly desperate but this is just astounding.

…A clip from a recent Romney/Ryan rally has recently been played over and over at MSNBC highlighting what appears to be an embarrassing moment on the campaign trail for Governor Romney. Originally aired on Wednesday’s “Morning Joe,” the clip shows Paul Ryan introducing Romney as the MSNBC-added text appears on the screen proclaiming that the crowd is shouting “Ryan!” Romney gets the mic and asks the crowd to say “Romney/Ryan!” Joe Scarborough covers his face and grumbles out the words, “Sweet Jesus.”

Then the Blaze received a call from one of the rally attendees:

During Thursday‘s edition of TheBlaze TV’s “Pat & Stu,” one caller gives her account of the campaign rally.

“The crowd was yelling,” caller Sherry recounts, “the crowd was screaming ‘Romney! Romney!’ and Romney, being the gentleman [he is], we can‘t get in his head because he’s so stinking nice, he stopped us to add ‘Romney-Ryan.’…

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  1. Dave says:

    I think they’re yelling Bisquit!!! Bisquit!!!, Bisquit!!!!

  2. mrcannon says:

    Am I to understand that this clip was cleared for broadcast before it was authenticated? Andrea Mitchell is going to be furious.

  3. sharon says:

    Sorry, I know this is not open thread… Sorry to hear about the insomnia Tammy, I am a sufferer, and at 51 the dr. says it is the onset of menopause. It is the worst, up all night and then a 12 hour shift the next day makes for some serious health issues. I shall say a prayer for you.

    • Dave says:

      Sharon, me too….. I wake up way too many times during the night, every night. part of it is this whole Political race, and how the MSM, and Obama keep lying, it DISTURBS me, as to my inner core of whats ” RIGHT and WRONG”. I feel helpless to change it, and that is a constant annoyance.
      Ironic to hear that Tammy does not sleep well either, as she is one of my places of solace , if I have a really bad night I will listen to her show twice, though my doctor told me to ignore Politics, because it has a negative effect on me, I love Tammys Show and also Mark Levin’s.
      I am 61, and take a prescription drug called Klonopin, which helps you sleep. But I’ve been on 1 mg of it so long it has lost its effect, and I dont want to take more because its highly addictive, it almost killed Stevie Nicks the singer in Fleetwood Mac. I am also exactly like Tammy in the sense that I also cannot take Tylenol PM, it completely zombies me out for 1/2 the next day, one beer and I’m done. So, I’m also a lightweight when it comes to drugs.
      Hopefully if Romney can pull this thing out WE’LL ALL SLEEP BETTER. Hope you can relax… you can try this….
      Maybe Tammy should too, she knows how to use a little mixing board! This is pretty good, it helped my girlfriend alot. Good Luck Sharon.

      • larrygeary says:

        Dave, Klonopin is not only addictive, it can affect the liver and cloud the mind. I’ve been on it (plus antidepressants) for years since I lost my job. I kicked the antidepressants, but the Klonopin is much more difficult to withdraw from.

        My local supermarket sells an OTC sleep aid called “Alteril”. It’s just a combo of melatonin and L-tryptophan (the chemical in turkey that makes you drowsy Thanksgiving afternoon). It works great. Just melatonin by itself can help with sleep. People our age don’t make enough of it.

  4. Jeffrey says:

    What could possibly be worse than an MSNBC #ObamaCrotchFerret? BRING ON THE DEBATES!

  5. TX Soldier254 says:

    ~~~Where oh where has our FCC gone, oh where oh where can they be~~~

    Liberal Distorted Reality is taking a front seat to what used to be called ‘News’, now I just call it “The Media”. You know, like Modern Family, The Simpsons, etc…

  6. strider says:

    Like seeing swerving clown cars up ahead – don’t get aggravated, just position yourself to avoid the potential mess.

  7. larrygeary says:

    BTW, am I the only one who thinks it is WRONG that states now allow early voting 40 DAYS before election day? The debates haven’t even happened. It is unfair to both candidates, but especially the one who is lesser known or less liked by the MSM.

    • Samster1 says:

      You are definitely not the only one. I remember when one had to give a reason when requesting an absentee ballot. I think they still don’t allow bars open until the polls close on election day (but now there are cell phone give aways during early voting?).

  8. otlset says:

    And then we have Joe Scarborough.
    How many ways can this man blow?
    He’s always the first,
    to say Mitt’s the worst.
    But he’s on ‘our side’ don’tcha know!

  9. rtthorne says:

    If you’re going to doctor it, go ahead and have them chant “Obama, Obama”.
    They think we’re stupid…

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