John is the Editor-at-Large for Breitbart News, calls tomorrow for Romney and gives us his analysis about what to expect and what it all means. You can see John’s work at Breitbart, and follow him on Twitter @NolteNC. Enjoy!

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  1. tamcat says:

    Thank you for the extra insight Tammy on todays show from John Nolte We are not alone in our fight.

  2. Trevor says:

    Hearing John and Tammy talk about the need to remain vigilant after the election if things go our way, just in case the outgoing mob adopt some scorched-earth policy, got me to thinking: Just how obscene might BO’s inevitable list of pardons be? Mumia, anyone?

    With thanks and best wishes from one of your English fans.

    PS: It’s been great seeing more of you on Fox and PJTV recently, Tammy. Any chance of another book soon?

    • Alain41 says:

      Excellent point Trevor. Release of Mumia is a real possibility. Maybe even the blind sheikh or other terrorists. That might be one reason for the administration attempting to try terrorists in regular judicial court instead of military trial. As President he can pardon convicted criminals. He can’t really pardon war criminals, he can release them, but that’s not a pardon.

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