Finally. Getting closer.

Via Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

The crowning spire of the World Trade Center’s tallest building is making its way to New York City.
A barge headed across New York Harbor from New Jersey’s Port Newark on Tuesday.

It held nine pieces of the steel spire that will top One World Trade Center in lower Manhattan. Meanwhile, workers on the 104-story skyscraper were busy pouring concrete that will hold the 408-foot spire. The trade center’s director of construction, Steven Plate, says the spire marks a post 9/11 milestone that signifies New York City is “better than ever.”

The pieces each weigh 70 tons.

The spire is expected to rise into the Manhattan sky by spring. Plate says the 1,776-foot high-rise — symbolizing America’s freedom — will be the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere.

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  1. midget says:

    After the horror of 9/11/01, it finally seems like Americans and the world can get back a sense of completeness. However,since there are no coincidences and God does not act without a purpose,it would be interesting to delve into research done by a Rabbi Jonathan Cahn in his new book “the Harbinger”. He states that before God judges a nation,He sends a warning. I don’t usually go in for stuff like this but because the Rabbi uses the Old Testament and has proven that the scripture of Isaiah 9:10 was used in Congress,unknowingly, by John Edwards and Tom Daschle, it has legs. The synoposis of the book is on the 700 Club web page with a clear description for those uninclined to buy the book. But for me, the clincher was the fact that Obama quoted the same scripture the day he signed the final piece of the tower.I just got goose bumps…

  2. larrygeary says:

    I’ve been to the top of the Empire State Building several times. I went to the top of the World Trade Center and took some spectacular photos. But I’ll probably never go to this building. I just don’t care. It’s far from the world’s tallest – ironically enough, that one is in the Muslim world, in Dubai. We’re too afraid to be bold anymore. This building is comparatively short, wearing a big top hat for show. It’s a cheat. And I’ll always think of it as a potential target for the enemy we refuse to kill – or even name.

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