Great interview with Allen West via Newsmax. The interview encompasses gun control, the fiscal cliff, and foreign policy.

“This is your gun control, this finger right here – your index finger…’’

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  1. ancientwrrior says:

    Now THIS is a man I can fully support, he is not a mealy mouthed, wussified politician who is afraid of his own shadow. This is a man I would stand beside and fight the dark forces with.

  2. rosebud2186 says:

    Ugh, I could just weep…thinking about what America is missing with Allen West out of Congress.

  3. ShArKy666 says:

    this guy MUST be president one day

  4. Kitten says:

    So, Mr. Allen West, tell us what you really think. Can’t wait to hear what his next step will be, hopefully this week! We need to get him elected to something where he can effect change.

    He so gets it about servant leadership. Too many people go to Washington, become career politicians and serve their own cause. He was there to serve the people. When you care about the people, you’re gonna take a stand and ruffle some feathers. You may not be favored among the elite, but that’s indication you’re on the right track. I’ll bet they hated to see him coming down the hall. We TAMs call that SUCCESS!

    I believe Allen West is reloading. It ain’t over!

  5. Alain41 says:

    Must read Mark Steyn column from 2000, on the effect of Britain’s gun control laws including the banning of handguns following the 1996 Dunblane massacre. (spoiler: the effect has not been good for the safety of the citizenry)

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