Here is Tammy on the 12/14/13 appearance on Fox panel, hosted by Gregg Jarrett, discussing a staff change at the White House, indicating their panic at losing Senate Dems because of Obamacare.

And h/t to Rubegonia for formatting this into a youtube clip!

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  1. Pat_S says:

    Christie and other Dems shrug off Obama’s low approval numbers. It’s normal they say. We remember how Bush’s low numbers were breaking news on a daily basis in his second term. For the record, all post-WWII presidents had approvals over 50% in their second term with the exception of Nixon (Watergate) and G.W. Bush (you name it).

  2. Alain41 says:

    The Democrat got out one of her talking points that Tea Party wants to obstruct and not govern. Since the segment wasn’t on Tea Party, no followup of that TP, so I’ll do some. Has Obama administration been forthright in answering FOIA requests, responding to Congress requests for information, responding to Congress subpoenas, talking about a video did it, it’s old news, taking the fifth, etc. Or is that obstruction and not governance?

  3. LucyLadley says:

    What a great clip to watch! As always, thanks RuBegonia! Shifra, thanks for giving us a platform to discuss the approach that goes on in D.C. There are more ego’s that want their “brilliant” ways than there should be. As always, Tammy was pragmatic & eloquent. We are so fortunate to have a voice of reason like Tammy that is willing to speak up.

  4. Sailing_J says:

    Who was that woman? Is the Left running out of lackies willing to blatantly lie for this administration? They’re reaching deep to find somebody who wants to make a liberal name for themselves defending Dear Leader. The message is always the same though and the rats are jumping ship.
    Good to see you on TV again Tammy. You’re looking great as always. God help the Left if you ever get a TV show and can get your/our message across on TV like you do on Talk Radio.

    Merry Christmas to you and all the TAMs out there!

  5. The denial of reality is on full display here. Spokesman Christy Spetzer says in the clip that the president’s numbers are not “cataclysmic.” One is forced to wonder just exactly what kind of numbers would qualify if these don’t. And of course if these poll numbers were those of a republican, would the same spin apply? I’m guessing that the evaluation by the democrats might be just a bit different in that case.

  6. LeeKnoxville says:

    Excellent commentary and I realy liked your hair style. Good job Tammy

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