TrekAliensThis editorial asks an interesting question: If we can pick our gender, why can’t we pick our age and race?

The Left is obsessed with identity politics. Sex, orientation, gender, race, religion, ethnicity, age, economic status, whatever. This is what defines you as a human being. Your individual inclinations are minor details. You defy your assigned stereotype at your peril.

There’s lately been a big political push to encourage people to choose their gender. Never mind what you were born; be what you are in your heart. Anyone that fails to respect your choice is oppressing you, and may be held legally culpable for damages.

So…if I can choose my sex, why can’t I choose my race? If I can be counted as female because I identify as female, why can’t I be counted as black if I identify as black? For those circumstances under which I am asked to specify my race or age or ethnicity, why should I be compelled to give the answer that was forced upon me by biology? If I say I feel like a young black girl, why must you accept me as a girl but not young and black? This arbitrary selection makes no sense.

Hey, you oppressors, didn’t anyone ever tell you biology is not destiny?!?!

And whatever happened to pro-choice!?!?



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  1. strider says:

    Might inadvertently also select for a static environment like a gerbil cage and lose the unseen factors like immune response ability to regulate body temperature. Climate change really would be a disaster or maybe natural selection would kick in again.

  2. ashleymatt says:

    The reality is we don’t get to choose our age, race, or gender. When a man chooses to get breast implants and remove what’s between his legs, he doesn’t become female any more than a 70-year-old woman who gets Botox becomes 40 years old. She’s simply a 70-year-old with a paralyzed face, and he’s a man with mutilated genitals.

    The article alludes to the “T” in LGBT being the most radical. I agree, and I don’t like that they are all lumped together. Gay has nothing to do with “transgender,” but they’ve been packaged for political action by the Left. If one doesn’t like traditional gender roles and wants look, act, or otherwise express themselves in a very masculine or feminine way, more power to them. But it’s something different entirely when someone looks down at their body and says, “I hate my breasts” or “I hate my penis”, not because they are deformed or unhealthy, but simply because they are part of that person. To me, that indicates someone who hates themselves, not society’s viewpoint of them.

  3. Pat_S says:

    It’s chilling how the extreme Left influences politics and society. I’m talking about the die-hard revolutionaries who come up with grievances you never imagined.

    The hard Left is obsessed with sex and the purported dialectical implications of sexual repression in Capitalist society. The patriarchal structure of the bourgeois Victorian family is another chain that needs to be broken to make way for a higher social order of community love. The sexual revolution is part of the social revolution.

    Racism is seen as a Capitalist necessity to keep workers at each other’s throats instead of joining together in solidarity.

    Of course society does need fixing in many ways and probably always will. The Left isn’t really interested in fixing bits and pieces. It wants to tear down all of it. They hijack any reasonable attempts at needed change. They exacerbate and even create differences for the cause. They’ll turn anything into an exploitable grievance. Just be patient Maynard.

  4. makeshifty says:

    I think the Left’s take on it is a matter of a) capability vs. identity, or at least the perception of that conflict, and b) political opportunity. The way they look at gays and transgenders, or bringing girls into boys teams (or vice-versa) is they say, “Look, these people are just as capable of functioning in this position, or this role, as anyone else, but they’re being discriminated against based on superficial traits. Identity has nothing to do with capability.” What they often ignore is other traits like physical strength (if that’s a factor of the job or role), or other people’s sense of personal privacy, decorum, or propriety, or whether they have the academic background to do the work, because identity is a big deal to them. Another aspect of it is in order for them to get engaged and identify a “group of grievance,” the group claiming the grievance has to be politically organized in some fashion, and the Democrats have to find some way to cobble them into a political coalition that can win elections. Not all grievance groups are created equal in that regard, and so not all of them get a seat at the table.

  5. Cathode Rays says:

    Aww, the kitty could find protection under my roof anytime. That must make the left mad, heh.

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