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Donald Trump tweeted an anti-Hillary attack tweet, using what looked like a sheriff’s star.

But the Hillary camp and the lapdog media jumped all over this, screaming about Trump’s “anti-Semitic” use of the Star of David, and accusing the Trump camp of copying the imagery from a neo-Nazi site.

Yes, this is absurd, on so many levels. (The Hillary campaign does not know that Trump’s daughter Ivanka is a Jewish convert?)

But here’s a real story about anti-Jewish rhetoric, connected to Hillary Clinton, that somehow never made headlines this weekend:

Max Blumenthal, the son of Hillary’s BFF and advisor Sidney Blumenthal, and author of a vicious anti-Israel smear, tweeted this when Elie Wiesel passed away:

His offensive tweets were noted by many, including Roseanne Barr:

Via Breitbart.

Holocaust survivor and Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel died on Saturday at the age of 87. He was a living witness to the horrors of antisemitism taken to its logical conclusion, and a powerful spokesman for the cause of Zionism and the ideals of America.

Which is precisely why terror sympathizers and antisemites like Max Blumenthal — son of Hillary Clinton’s close associate, Sid Blumenthal, and a Jew who hates both Israel and the Jewish people into which he was born — celebrated Wiesel’s death.

The elder Blumenthal, who earns $200,000 per year as a part of Clinton’s inner circle,frequently sent the Secretary of State his son’s hateful “work.” That oeuvre includes Goliath, an anti-Israel screed casting the Jewish state in the role of the Nazis….

His most widely-read work, Night, is a riveting memoir of his survival at Auschwitz, after the Jews in his remote Hungarian village were rounded up, stuffed into cattle cars, and sent to die horrific deaths. (I first read Night in the eighth grade; its terror has stayed with me since.)

But Wiesel won the Nobel Prize in 1986 for peace, not for literature. It was Wiesel who shaped memory into a potent political force: whenever a new genocide loomed, he was the voice of conscience, urging the world to act,

In his efforts to save others, he drew no distinctions of race, religion, or ethnicity. He was as passionate in his pleas for Muslims in danger of extermination as he was in defending the State of Israel’s right to defend its citizens against Palestinian terrorism….

Notably, Hillary Clinton has not shunned the Blumenthals. These are the sorts of people whom even Barack Obama, with his long history of associations with Jeremiah Wright and Rashid Khalidi and the like, knew to keep at bay….


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