bill clinton frowning

But they so want to bring us all together, and unify the nation! LOL! They’re so superior to the rabble, aren’t they?

Via Washington Examiner.

Bill Clinton suggested this week that GOP nominee Donald Trump’s base comprised mostly “rednecks.”

“The other guy’s base is what I grew up in,” the former president said during a campaign stop in Fort Myers, Fla. “You know, I’m basically your standard redneck.”

The former president also recounted a moment during the 2016 Democratic primary when he went to campaign for Hillary Clinton in West Virginia – a state that they lost and predicted they would lose long before voting even took place.

“[S]he said, ‘There’s no way that we can carry it,’ and I said, ‘No way,'” Clinton said Tuesday, recounting a conversation he had with his wife about campaigning in Mountain State.

“First of all, [West Virginians] only watch Fox News,” he added to laughter. “But to be fair they think we only care our political base and the people that agree with us culturally. And it’s not true, but that’s what they think.”

So we’re not only standard rednecks, we’re stupid Fox-watching standard rednecks. Got it.


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  1. Rob_W says:

    Says the man whose political mentor was a staunch segregationist. Says the man who excused a US Senator’s Ku Klux Klan past.

  2. Chase says:

    I guess the old rapist forgot that we rednecks do not see the term redneck as a pejorative, in fact we see the term redneck as a compliment. So thank you Rapist Bill for reminding us of what a sleaze you are and for giving me another reason to consider voting for Trump

  3. Alain41 says:

    I see that Billy Jeff still thinks that the world is a trailer park that the ‘enlightened’ can drag 100 dollar bills through and watch the ensuing hilarity.

  4. Maynard says:

    Perhaps with the recent awkward reminders of Bill’s sordid history, he’s scrambling to reassure the elite that he really is one of them, far above those lowlifes whom, long ago, he had to impress. Very embarrassing to recall that he once had to convince those dumb rubes that he liked them.

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