Ok, Hillary finally “won” at something. So can all the “Hillary Bitter-Clingers” stop whining and get on with their lives?

Via Daily Caller.

Hillary Clinton is now considered one of the least influential people of the year.

The former presidential candidate was one of 30 people named to GQ’s “Least Influential People Of 2016” list this week — right next to Anthony Weiner, Tim Kaine and Harambe, the gorilla that was shot after a kid fell into his enclosure at the Cincinnati zoo.

The magazine touted the list as a “comprehensive, anger-fueled list of everyone who ruined our year.”
“I hate putting her here, given that liberals turned on her like pit vipers the moment she conceded, and given that nearly three million more people voted for her than her opponent, and given that Russia deliberately hijacked the election cycle,” the author Drew Magary wrote. “But I have no choice.”

….Would it have killed you to visit Wisconsin, Hillary? I know it’s full of fat people and bad pretzels, but sometimes you gotta come out of your fundraising hole and kiss some babies.”….

Why Hillary Clinton is still losing supporters

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  1. Alain41 says:

    Gosh, would the author be liberal or conservative that ends his Least Influential List with God. Sheesh… At least he included Never Trumpers. Love that when GQ put Trump on the 2013 list, he tweeted out, GQ soon to be irrelevant. 2016 soon enough for me. Heh.

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