So typical of those who strut around as the superior, tolerant people. Nothing is further from the truth.

Via Lifezette.

An owner of a propane dealership in Maine is refusing to deliver gas to anyone who voted for President-Elect Donald Trump.

Michael Turner, owner of Turner LP Gas in Skowhegan, Maine, recorded a voicemail greeting that leaves little question as to his feelings for those in his community who supported Trump.

“Thank you for calling Turner LP Gas. If you voted for Donald Trump for president, I will no longer be delivering your gas — please find someone else,” the message states.

Turner isn’t the first person to refuse to do business with Trump voters — in late November, Mathew Blanchfield, CEO of an Albuquerque, New Mexico-based marketing firm, issued a statement saying he would no longer work with Trump supporters.

But unlike Blanchfield, who lives in a county that voted solidly for Hillary Clinton, Turner lives in a county that overwhelmingly supported Trump. Trump won Somerset County, Maine — in which Skowhegan is located — 57.73 percent to Hillary Clinton’s 35 percent.

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  1. Gordon says:

    Now that’s a true “Gas Bag.”

  2. deaves1 says:

    Here’s an opportyunity for someone to jump in and make allot of money delivering Natural Gas to anyone who needs it.

  3. Maynard says:

    If it’s not a monopoly service, then as far as I’m concerned, this guy has the right to serve whomever he wants however he wants. In fact, I want him to be open about his bigotry, which gives me a basis to boycott him…and of course for others who approve to go out of their way to patronize him.

    Is there a dark side to my brand of tolerance? Absolutely. To the extent that my ideology prevails, we might see some ugly stuff exposed, and we might get drawn into stupid petty squabbles. That’s the downside of this “liberty” thing that we scrawl on all our coins. But for all its problems, I’ll take liberty over coercion when there’s no compelling reason to be heavy-handed.

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