Memo to Mediaite:

If you play audio of President Trump’s speech to Congress backwards, you can hear who really killed Jimmy Hoffa.

Or something.

Via American Mirror.

The hyperventilating anti-Trump media officially jumped the shark today.

Mediate found something potentially sinister in a candid moment when President Trump surprised a group of tourists taking the first tour of the White House since it has reopened to visitors.

As a group from Alabama’s Briarwood Christian School were on the basement level of the White House, the president appeared from behind a privacy screen, to the shrieks and applause from the school group.

Trump motioned for one of the students — a 10-year-old — to stand with him for a photo.

The boy flashed an “OK” sign while the president stood with his hands on the young man’s shoulders.

But Mediate is speculating that the boy could have actually been flashing the “racist” hand gesture associated with “Pepe,” the cartoon frog associated with the “alt-right.”….

Lady Liberty goes dark — and anti-Trumpers go nuts

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  1. midget says:

    It was a sweet moment that the left likes to destroy, not like the fake posing
    of Hillary in the woods with her fans. But what troubled me was the people in the
    background that couldn’t manage a smile. I know they are working but it was a light time to enjoy with their boss and they were sourpusses.

  2. Pat_S says:

    Pope Francis flashed the same sign when addressing Congress in September 2015. The conspiracy freaks said it was a satanic illuminati signal.

    I don’t know any secret signs. I just keep looking for a spaceship to land in my backyard and take me away from all this.

  3. Alain41 says:

    WH-45 gang members. Can tell by the lack of tattoos.

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