Time to impeach…Maxine Waters.

And, with all due respect to Professor Dershowitz, he should have used her repulsive tactic of calling everyone “racist!” by hitting her back with an accusation of “Jew-hater!”

Maybe that would shut her up.

Or not.

Via Breitbart.

Sunday on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends Weekend,” Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz responded to Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) accusing him of being a “racist.”

Waters’ claim was based on Dershowitz suggesting President Donald Trump will have a disadvantage given the political makeup of the locality where a grand jury is empaneled is solidly Democrat, and the “racial composition” was not favorable to Trump.

Dershowitz said Waters’ race did not give her a license to declare people racist and Dershowitz invoked the 1990s O.J. Simpson case, one of which that he was a part.

“Look, Maxine Waters should know better and does know better,” Dershowitz said. “She knows that every experienced lawyer, white, black, Asian, Latino, knows that when you’re selecting a jury, factors like ethnicity, race, political affiliation matter. If I had said that race didn’t matter, she would have called me a racist. She throws around the term so loosely and so inappropriately, and it weakens her credibility because calling everybody a racist by calling me a racist when she calls real racists ‘racists,’ nobody is going to believe her. Would she have called Johnnie Cochran a racist when he obviously understood that the racial composition of the jury in the O.J. Simpson case mattered a great deal?”….

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  1. Americanvln1 says:

    Maxine. You are living in the 1960’s. Get a new hair-do/outfit and, go on a Hawaiian vacation. Bon voyage.

  2. MACVEL says:

    This is a very evil woman, and she has power.

  3. hbmuzik says:

    She is more caricature than character. Her bizarre outrageousness is so insane and buffoonish, that I have to pinch myself to remember that she’s not doing stand-up comedy every time she opens her mouth. It’s almost hard to dislike her since she’s so zany…but I know better.

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