We have so much to be grateful for. The foundational thing that makes everything possible is being an American. I am grateful everyday that I get a new chance to try to be my best, to try to make a difference, and to try to contribute to our amazing nation. It’s all about the opportunity and the daily challenge to what we can.

A key part of the opportunities we have are brought by our family and friends. I consider all of your y family, and am grateful for your friendship and support. We’ve been through a lot together, but it’s an honor to be able to fight for the right things, and with the TAM Nation.

Have a lovely day however you’re spending it. And thanks for being here, it’s honor to be in trenches with the TAMily!

Here are some updates for your Thanksgiving 2017:

Trump thanks troops, praises military progress: ‘We’re winning’ against foes

Young woman raises over $160K for homeless veteran who spent his last $20 to buy her gas

How Are Balloons Chosen for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade?

Macy’s parade begins with balloons, bands and security

Coffee Brings More Health Than Harm, Study Finds

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  1. Alain41 says:

    Happy Thanksgiving TAMS!
    The day that I am most grateful that the turkey is not our national symbol.
    Bountiful blessings!

  2. LavaMama says:

    Happy Thanksgiving TAMs!!!!!

  3. Maynard says:

    Perhaps this is worth tossing out there. I’ve got family members to join this year, but I’ve had plenty of solitary Thanksgiving dinners; I think a lot of us do, so if you find yourself in that place, you’re not alone. Well, you are alone, but you’re not alone, if you know what I mean. It’s just that these are the moments where the world creates an impression of endless celebration and camaraderie, much like the media creates an impression that “everyone” thinks a particular way. You feel the emotional pull of the bandwagon, but you know in your mind that the emotional component is not the whole picture. I would negate that stupid line from Star Wars: Don’t trust your feelings! Yes, listen to your feelings, but be skeptical.

    I’ve sometimes mocked the bleakness by celebrating Thanksgiving dinner with a Swanson’s® Hungry Identify-as-a-Man® turkey dinner. If I’m going to be pathetic, I’m going to push the pathos to the point where I’ve got to laugh! And as a practical matter, I’ve sometimes rented one of those Rug Doctor® carpet cleaning machines for the day, thus giving myself a useful and mildly strenuous task.

    Those are a couple of my tricks, and all I can say is they work for me. But, just as we’re assigned our own bag of troubles, we’ve got to find our own bag of tricks. This is the curse, and the blessing, of being a unique individual. So best wishes in crafting your own methodology!

    Anyway, even at my worst, I had a roof over my head and the money to buy that Swanson’s® Hungry Identify-as-a-Man® turkey dinner. Some people don’t have that. So there’s always much to be thankful for.

  4. Christie says:

    Hope everyone has had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Maynard, your message reminds me of how the holidays can be the best days or the worst days, depending on what we are feeling at the time. When I lost my grandmother a few years back, I was unable to celebrate that first Thanksgiving or Christmas at all. She was the only family member I ever felt close to. The great thing is that she lived to 102 years old and with a full life right up until the last few months. She was an amazing person, an artist/painter, and she had plenty of stories of surviving through The Great Depression. When you hear those stories, it is EASY to feel thankful today for everything we have in this great country of ours. I also know I never want to lose what we have, including our freedom to be who we are. Also, as my grandma would say,, “It’s not all about YOU”, and I do think it is true that the more unselfish you are, the more you get back from life.

    To our fearless leader, Tammy, I am thankful to “know” you. (I came across as a bit of a wacko earlier, but hey, I got my head screwed back on straight, promise) I wish I had become a part of your army long ago, but I will be a good steadfast little soldier, you’ll see. 🙂 I appreciate everything you represent and stand for…and fight for, and around here, it seems I never shut up about you. You have one of the greatest minds God has ever created, no exaggeration… in my humble opinion. Hope your day was beautiful.

  5. Chuck says:

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!!!

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