A Constitution Enshrining Barbarism

…Without mincing words, we do know that a constitution predicated on Islamic law is tantamount to a death sentence, not only in terms of human rights and religious freedoms for Egyptians, but stands as a harbinger of way more perilous ramifications for the Western world. Because Sharia law is by its nature a racist and intolerant ideology, it has no room for rights of “the other”. It is a nihilistic ideology that demands that the “infidel”, the non-believer” in Allah and the Koran be summarily eradicated by any means possible. There is no stretch of the imagination to say that the concrete implementation of Sharia law is a breeding ground for the most dangerous forms of xenophobia.

Just ask women who recently went to the polls in Egypt without wearing the traditional Islamic head covering or hijab. Reports indicate that they were turned away at the voting stations. But that’s just scratching the proverbial surface when it comes to addressing the rights of women under the draconian dictates of Sharia law. Throughout the Islamic world, women are relegated to the status of property of their male relatives. They cannot marry whom they choose, they cannot ask for a divorce, they cannot drive a car or engage in what is perceived to be “Western ways” such as wearing makeup or even lipstick. They are mandated by the male hegemony to be veiled, subjugated and brutally oppressed. If an Islamic woman is raped, or runs off with the man of her choice, against the wishes of her family, she has been deemed as bringing shame on the family and for the sake of family honor, in most cases, she is murdered by male relatives.

What do the implications of Sharia law mean for Coptic Christians? Just ask the families of the tens of thousands of Coptics that have already been murdered by Islamic gangs fueled with the hate filled rhetoric they hear preached in the mosques of Cairo and Alexandria by Imams representing the Muslim Brotherhood. And sooner than we think, quicker than we can bat an eye, these purveyors of religious and gender supremacy and dominance will attempt to spread their pernicious tentacles towards the United States and all of Western civilization. Is “Creeping Sharia” such an outlandish fantasy or nightmare?? We think not.

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