Beneath The Church of the Redeemer

“…A Herodian quarry, the remains of Golgotha, buildings from the period of the Roman Emperor Hadrian, mosaics from the Church of Saint Maria Latina: At the end of 2012, the Archaeological Park was opened under the Lutheran Church of the Redeemer in Jerusalem, giving visitors the chance to take a tour of these locations and understand the city's colorful past… This area was later called Golgotha, the location where Jesus was crucified… Herod was actually a security fanatic and persecuted people relentlessly. He murdered his wife and his son. Anyone who became too dangerous to him personally or could pose a threat to his status as “Herod the Great,” was eliminated….”

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  1. midget says:

    Any archeological find is exciting but none more than in the Holy Land. If the muslims werent given a place to build a mosque after the Israeli Army captured Jerusalem, as a token of good faith, the archeological digs would be astounding the world. But the muslims forbid any digging nearby their Dome.As for the two states living side by side,this is impossible, for the same reason. The muslims will not be satisfied until the Jews are annihilated.There are over 50 arab nations and yet they are insanely coveting a small piece of earth belonging to the Jews given to them by God, and if they try to take it, God Himself will “curse” them.

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