Boston Tea Party Being Taught as Terrorism Act??

In many Texas public schools, the Boston Tea Party is now being taught as an example of an act of terrorism…so of course, Tea Party patriots are no longer just racists, they are 'terrorists'. REALLY?? Are we REALLY now in a completely alternate universe, removed from reality?

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  1. Alain41 says:

    Tammy’s point about degrading the Founding Fathers, our history, our birthright as a nation. I’m sure that some (many?) liberal school teachers believe that a revolution is a revoltion. American revolution was against a despotic regime, French revolution was against a despotic regime, Egypt’s recent revolution was against a despotic regime – they’re all equal! This is the culture war that Republican Party has not fought and we conservatives left it to the Republicans and of course that hasn’t worked out well. So needs to be taught that American revolution was fought about freedom from despotic rule. French, Egypt, and all the others were fought to change one despot for another.

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