It's true:

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  1. mmeusa says:

    It’s true:

    However, I would like to clarify what is not true about the video, even though the video is worthy of posting, due it’s over all legitimate point (this is where Alex Jones invariably goes too far, becomes alarmist, and alienates an otherwise appreciative audience). The video is good, especially in light of recent opposing videos, but these are some observations about what is not accurate:

    OK City was not a government plot. 9/11/01 was not a government plot. Yes, 19 Arabs outsmarted the FAA, FBI, CIA, DIA, NORAD, and a bunch of other agencies. The Japanese adventure in China was way low, by about 25 million Chinese deaths. The rest of the numbers with the Soviet Union and Communist China were pretty good. Gulf of Tonken was a false flag, probably, along with the German provocation with Poland. Oldest trick in the book. Fast and Furious, obviously, another false flag that blew up in O’s face. Too many honest agents in these agencies that would blow the whistle. Thank God for the honest ATF agents that came forward and testified. Yes, there are some good agents in all of these outfits.

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