Fort Drum brass destruction threatens reloading supply and more

Two words: ammo control.

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  1. TX Soldier254 says:

    • Billions wasted in reusable Ammo destruction
    • Billions wasted in Ammo orders
    • Billions wasted in …”what difference does it make”.

  2. Alain41 says:

    I’ve never bought the administration story for ammo purchases that it’s just normal for training. How easy for a real reporter to check previous year’s purchases to verify story, and the MSM doesn’t do it. Trust but verify, wasn’t original from R. Reagan, reporters used to follow that motto. The swooning is one thing, what doesn’t get done is the horrendous other shoe.

  3. TX Soldier254 says:

    To Aardvark and Alain, it’s called, tying manufactures hands with large ‘military like’ orders via OUR tax $$$, in order to Freeze Up Public orders, on both Ammo and Legal Weapons.

    The Obama’s are truly evil in my opinion.

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