Fort Hood Trial Update: Time for a Shave!!!

I will bet One Trillion Chinese-American Dollars the 'Defense' will insist on having a medical team standing by just in case there's a little slip with the straight razor…OR they will protest the brand of foam/cream and razor.

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  1. aardvark says:

    Is there a halal shaving kit?

    Can victim-families volunteer? I propose selling tickets to help retire the national debt.

  2. dennisl59 says:


    The original link has one story from the AP(no byline), this second one(published in the Austin American-Statesman) is also an AP story(with byline), but has specific information for the ‘shaving protocol’. Don’t ask me why the difference.

    posted 10/19 847am Texas[No Aftershave]Time

  3. Cernunnos81 says:

    I’m just glad that this travesty of “rights” is out of the way. Shave him, Convict him, Put him to the wall and SHOOT Him. This should have been over 2 years ago. This should have been called a Terror Attack instead of “workplace violence” and he should have been convicted of 13 counts of first Degree Murder under the UCMJ and he should be nothing more than a pile of bones in a pine box in an unmarked hole.

  4. dennisl59 says:

    Another update on the classification of the nearly 3 year old incident.

    posted 10/23 727pm Texas[Somebody get a rope!]Time

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