Oops: WaPo retracts report Sarah Palin is going to Al Jazeera Update: Sarah snarks back

What started as a condescending “cautionary tale” about Sarah Palin’s mixing of celebrity and politics quickly became a cautionary tale about mixing contempt for Sarah Palin with desperation for the traffic her name will generate.

Suzi Parker of the Washington Post‘s She the People blog reported Tuesday that Palin, in an attempt to “stay relevant,” would join the Al Jazeera America network, to “reach millions of devoutly religious people.” The only problem is the report comes from “The Daily Currant,” a parody site whose lead story today is “Catholic Church considering Jerry Sandusky for Pope.”

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  1. otlset says:

    This of course is Suzi Creemcheese’s shot at BECOMING RELEVANT in the first place by slandering Palin according to the rules of the lamestream media and WaPo “journalist” playbook “How To Set The Meme” (just keep on telling the lie no matter what, refer to it, pretend it’s common knowledge, and eventually voila — the lie becomes the truth for our lying media and the uncritical low-information sheep who buy it). Too bad she’s stupid AND gullible, and of course her zeal to belittle Palin prevented her from doing what a REAL journalist would do — check the source. What an idiot Suzi is, and apparently a despicable envious liberal shrew to boot.

  2. otlset says:

    Sarah speaks, from inside a libtard’s head (rent free of course)! Iowahawk skewers the lamestream liberal idiots…


  3. Alain41 says:

    And in more WaPo news, it doubles down on its liberal war on strong conservative women.

    “Liberal pundit and Democratic consultant Hilary Rosen, who made headlines when she said Ann Romney “never worked a day in her life,” has a new home: The Washington Post….”

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