Penn Jillette: Obama same as Bush

This is short but it's very revealing. Love Penn Jillette. He tells the truth.

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  1. Maynard says:

    Jillette is thoughtful and gives people something to consider. Although his focus on Bush/Obama similarities here is in international intervention; obviously the Iraq war was on a larger scale in terms of American resources than anything Obama has undertaken, although you might argue that Obama has his fingers in places where Bush didn’t. And of course Obama violated the War Powers Act in Libya; imagine if Bush had done something like that. But the real similarity, the one that strikes me as most important, is the fiscal irresponsibility of both Bush and Obama; the top priority of keeping money we don’t have flowing into the pockets that will support the status quo. In 2008, candidate Obama properly lambasted Bush for spending like a madman, and he pledged to face our problems head on and stop kicking the can down the road and leaving a mess for the next generation. That President Obama did the opposite of what candidate Obama pledged, and that President Obama instead governed exactly as President Bush did — this candidate of “change” — I just shake my head in sad confusion.

  2. midget says:

    There is also a recent You tube video of Penn and Teller called “Gun control is Bulls**t” It is hilarious and proves that some libs get it.

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