Profile of Afshin Ellian: Ayaan Hirsi-Ali’s Rightful Heir

Muslim exile from Iran who settled in Holland hoping for a land of freedom and pride, instead found self-destrucive Europe of self-hating elites. So much brilliant insight in this one excellent profile interview. (Following him on Twitter @AfshinEllian1 but he only tweets in Dutch!)

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  1. alphahawk says:


    I’m can’t access the pod casts on the site. I have a password but it won’t recognize it. Heeelllllpppp!


    Tim Washburn (Alphahawk)

  2. iris354 says:

    Thanks for the acknowledgement Tammy. I just heard it on Weds evening.

    My husband is a PA, trained at George Washington University in Washington, DC. He is a member of a physician/PA emergency medicine group that staffs emergency rooms throughout our region. His training included a BS in biology, certificate as an EMT, and then 2-1/2 years at GWU where he earned a BS in Health Sciences. The PA program there is part of the School of Medicine.

    I understand the confusion about the job title; it sounds like one of those paraprofessional careers offered by a trade school. The first Physician Assistant program was started at Duke University, designed as a civilian path for practice for former military corpsmen. PAs are licensed by Boards of Medicine, are required to complete continuing medical education credits, take a certification exam after completing their initial training, and recertify every five or six years. A PA and a nurse practitioner practice at roughly the same level (mid-level physician-extenders). While a PA must practice under the supervision of a doctor, a nurse practitioner may practice independently because of the different licensing structure (Board of Nursing v. Board of Medicine).

    I have been a nurse for 30 years, working for the last ten in a cardiac cath lab. In health care we work as a team, the MD is at the pinnacle, the captain so to speak. However, there are many talented individuals that support the doc such as PAs, NPs, pharmacists, nurses, and techs. Our practice is collaborative, and no doctor can do it on his/her own.

  3. littlefirefly says:

    Checking my gravatar with you all. I think I messed it up.

  4. bamconola says:

    I disagree that Zimmerman provoked Trayvon. A teenager not engaged in the gangster culture would have gone home, maybe yelled a profanity at Zimmerman but not punched him. The school reports, photos on his cell phone and tweets show a young man/teenager in trouble who liked to fight and was looking for one. One of the possible reasons for reverse of a guilty verdict was the failure if the judge to allow such evidence at trial.

    I agree with O’Mara that Zimmerman was not guilty both legally and morally. There are horrible consequences as a result if the celebrated street culture and this is one of them. Had Zimmerman not shot, he would have died or been seriously injured. Trayvon would have been arrested and the “child” Trayvon tried as an adult.

  5. fortress112 says:

    How to respond to this new outrage without becoming embroiled in the war and politics that continues to be argued today. It is not relevant to this question if the CSA was a “nation,” or General Lee a culprit, rather is this proposed action legitimate. The answer in NO.

    This institution exists to educate our warriors about war. To that end studying the great generals and warrior’s throughout history is their job.

    If they are so cowardly to be willing to discard some of the best and bravest warriors America has brought forth then the future fighting effectiveness of our Armed Forces is in serious jeopardy.

  6. friendofbillw says:

    Christie got the fisty from Springsteen!

  7. KAZUM1 says:


  8. omegaman says:

    It’s totally obvious Obama is NOT on our side or the Israelis, or on the side of Western Civilization. Our enemy is sitting right in the Oval Office !

  9. lore says:

    God Bless Y’all !!!

  10. hbmuzik says:

    I always put him in the same “thoughtful humor” category as Bob Newhart. Loved his material–and his delivery!

  11. Americanvln1 says:

    You mean that parade where women wore those God awful ugly hats? LOL!

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