Undermining Macedonia

Obama's ambassador to Macedonia has worked with Soros's group to undermine Macedonia's conservative government. Sen. Lee has requested info. on this. Trump/Tillerson should order the ambassador to testify before Congress. Let's see if he resigns instead. Interference with Balkan government worked out so well, 100 yrs. ago.

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  1. Alain41 says:


    Regarding McCain asking for a no debate unanimous consent vote on having Montenegro join NATO, to which Rand Paul objected. Paul then left Senate floor without giving a reason and McCain said that was remarkable. Well, McCain before the vote said that anyone who objected was achieving the objectives of Putin. When you do that, you don’t get a reason for objection. The Treaty approval needs 2/3 of Senate but that is by regular procedure with debate. Unanimous consent avoids debate. So all Paul did was signal that he wanted debate. McCain is calling a Senator who wants debate over military commitment a Communist supporter. Most Deliberative Body in the world, Indeed.

    The Balkan country Montenegro is approx. 650k people with a 2k active military force. It will contribute almost nothing to NATO. Europe wants it in NATO so US will be required to enter next Balkans war and won’t have to be begged like with Clinton. Eg, Europe wants NATO to be the continent’s super police and not just defense against Russia aggression. Russia isn’t interested in Balkans today. Though it would like a big Balkans war so it could walk through all of Ukraine. Russia/Putin is a killer whale, but I’m not crewing the ship for Capt Ahab McCain yelling White Whale. Apologies to Capt Ahab.

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