women in combat

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  1. TX Soldier254 says:

    I would just like to say….

    Gen Martin Dempsey is an IDIOT and his Bosses (Obama-Panette) is EVIL.

    If Females want to become Grunts, then they must be able to endure a mud soaked body, lack of privacy, tattered clothing (during combat) while on their Period for days or even weeks on end, until the mission is done.

    Hey silly fools, this is not a promotion-based job, this is being a Grunt, a highly trained American Infantryman/woman going around towns and villages, drawing the enemy out of their hiding places so that you can kill them, period.

    If you want physical infections, mental problems, and loneliness, then come on over!

    Thats it…Thanks!

    • TX Soldier254 says:

      May I humbly add, I served with woman as Gunners In-Theater.

      Also note, that all service members, no matter their jobs and or units receive Combat Pay in a Combat Zone, whether it is Iraq or Afghanistan are In-Theater (Combat Zone). Yes, members are still in Iraq.

      All units In-Theater are considered Combat Units, Infantry is a completely different Dog, whose Tail does not Wag but rather it Cuts.

  2. aardvark says:

    THIS Army vet/wife/mom AGREES–it’s insanity. Although my active service was in the 70s, things changed so much that we did our level best (successfully) to discourage our daughters from following Dad into military service (1 nurse, 1 commo major). As for our 3 sons: 1 enlisted at 17 (career); 1 tried to (but this regime is not homeschool friendly); and the youngest is in process (policies reverted, plus he got college credits–he wants to be career too).

    Hubby personally knows 1 Gulf War I female POW and we knew the truth long before she admitted publicly what happens/happened. Our daughter-in-law is in now and has orders for the “turn out the lights” tour in Afghanistan. Due to reduced troop strength (and the regime is slashing it further), it will be her 3rd combat tour. We pray she returns to her infant daughter and preschool son. As sentry says, it’s one heart-breaking thing to know a father will never come home to see his newborn son–is the US ready for this to be a regular thing with its mothers?

    Combat service may be planned as voluntary for women now, but wait till the first lawsuit from male soldiers that says a female didn’t have to…because___. The military has already as much as said they will simply lower standards.

    • TX Soldier254 says:

      Aardvark thank you for being a part of raising American citizens.

      The push to allow woman into Infantry units is coming from NOW and the Military female Brass (Lt/Capt/Maj) not from the Enlisted females, trust me.

      It is a Career Ladder for the female brass, to lead men into battle, with a complete understanding of sacrificing enlisted female for their goal, Selfish!

  3. Alain41 says:

    Off topic. http://washingtonexaminer.com/mussolinis-inspirational-sword-nazi-reward-auctioned/article/2520035

    Mussolini’s sword is being auctioned today/tomorrow.

    Article also discusses something that I didn’t know; In Sept. 1943, Mussolini was exiled under guard in the Italian Alps. Hitler ordered SS Commando to rescue Mussolini, which happened without a shot being fired. Probably would have worked out better for Il Duce if he had stayed exiled.

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