Women Sexually Assaulted in Public (Cavity Search) by Police for Littering

Ladies take a look at this video. Truly shocking. Just when you think the police can't go any lower, you see another video that you just can't believe. Once again the police are at the front lines of destroying the Constitution. This also shows you that the police can and will do anything they want to you, with no fear. How frightening is that? You ladies all drive around with your “stash” in your vaginas and rectums don't you? I know that's crude, but how stupid is this? These 2 officers need to lose their badges and pensions over this. The female officer should be charged as a sex offener. They both need to jailed, and see if they like that sort of treatment. oh wait, they were completely justifed in their actions, as usual.

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  1. TheGreenHornet says:

    An update. The female trooper, Kelly Helleson has been suspended. Wow, a 2 week paid vacation. If you watch the end of this video, the victim protests her treatment, the male trooper te;;s her that if she had not thrown the cigarette butt out, it wouldn’t have happened. Then, he has the balls to tell her, he is going to write her a warning. What a DB. here is a link to a video from channel 4 with the woment, and a Fox News story.



  2. TX Soldier254 says:

    Well, as much as I like our TX Trooper’s both should have been Suspended without pay and a refresher course in Public Search Techniques

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