Chirac + Saddam = Love

A post by Maynard

As Tammy noted, French President Jacques Chirac has called for suspension of UN sanctions against Iran.

In this 1975 photo, a younger Chirac (far right) shows Saddam Hussein a French nuclear reactor. Chirac was integral in building the relationship that culminated in France constructing the Tammuz 1 reactor for Saddam. That reactor was destroyed by Israel in a bombing raid in 1981 (codenamed Operation Opera), for which the world pretty much unanimously condemned Israel. It’s now acknowledged that Israel’s action was a big setback for Iraq’s clandestine pursuit of the bomb, and that Israel did the world a huge favor.

So Saddam is now in the dock, but Chirac is still up to his old tricks.

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  1. Rod says:

    Once a cheese eating surrender monkey always a cheese eating surrender monkey. What else is new?

  2. Terry G says:

    Sounds like we need to scrap the WTO and impose economic sanctions against France. I say buy British and Dutch, but avoid products even partly made in France.

    It’s either that or we need to get Chevron & BP busy punching holes all over the continental shelf looking for the oil we need to buy off the French

  3. Tink says:

    I can’t recommend strongly enough a little jewel of a paperback called “Bullseye Iraq” by Dan McKinnon. It should be required reading for everyone in our government.

    I first read it while I was in the Air Force, just as we were beginning the build up for Desert Storm. I passed it around to my buddies, one of whom was a Special Ops helicopter pilot (one of the many unknown heroes of that war).

    It adds invaluable perspective and validates why we went after Saddam then and why we were right to go after him now. The book also shines the light on our backstabbing “friends” France and Germany. (They are not our allies in any way, shape, or form) Best of all is learning about those Iraeli heroes who planned and executed an extremely dangerous mission that saved the Middle East’s sorry butt.

    Thanks for bringing this up Maynard!

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