To say I’m late with this would be an understatement, but it was announced when I was on vacation and, frankly, I’m pretty jazzed about it.

I’ve been a radio talk show host since 1993, and it can be a pretty mercurial business. Working as a local host is difficult enough, but launching into national syndication is the riskiest thing you can do, but I’m thrilled with the success Tammy Radio has had. I do believe it’s confirmation of my general political premise: there has been a new American revolution as Americans are identifying less and less with political parties, and more with being Americans first.

There will always be, of course, extremists on both sides, and while in the past we have put up with that nonsense, we’ve now seen the what damage the moonbats can do when left to their own devices. The Democrat Party is under the control of leftist extremist George Soros, and should simply admit it’s the Socialist Worker’s Party. And the Republicans, with the way they spend and their faith-based obsession with controlling private society, should rename itself the Democratic Party.

In the meantime, there is no true Classical Liberal (today’s conservative) representation in the political realm; a representation that embraces the individual, the actual free market, small and limited government and the right to privacy. Those values are being expressed, however, in New Media, on talk radio and the internet. This is where the core of the American people is heard, and how we kept informed and organized to at least keep the politcos somewhat in check.

The heart of the Democrat Party is in more trouble than the Republicans when it comes to New Media in part because even there the extremists are the only voices. After having been billed as the voice of liberals, Air America collapses into bankruptcy. And “liberal” websites only spew either the party line, or even more extremist leftist rhetoric, leaving traditional Democrats out in the cold.

I know many of you are also political partisans, but even this is changing as we realize that neither party has all the answers. They actually never really have, but now, after September 11th, we’re finally admitting it.

This is why the Newsmax list of Most Influential Radio Hosts is so interesting. Using a combination of radio show audience reach, as well as other mediums of influence, such as television, books,. columns, etc, you’ll see a variety of individuals, with varied agendas. The question becomes, and our effort must focus on, which voices will prevail as true representatives of what it means to be American first, and all that it entails. And that, my friends, is up to you.

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  1. kate says:

    Congratulations! Wish I could hear your program more than just on the weekends. You have become one of my favorites (toss up between you and Laura Ingraham). You offer outstanding intellectual, non-partisan analysis with a flare of entertainment. And in areas where I would disagree, you express your view in such a way that I can understand why you’ve come to that particular conclusion. That is what makes your program a breath of fresh air in a medium often filled with emotional rants. Continue the fantastic work.

  2. Carpediem says:

    One million plus listeners per week, wow , way to go Tammy. I wish I could get you on radio here in Richmond, Va. but I have to listen via computer which makes it harder to catch your shows. Mabye that will change soon.
    There’s no one quite like you on radio Tammy. I love your honesty, that I think is your greatest quality and the fact that you don’t give a hoot what people think of you, you will speak your mind not worrying about pleasing this one or that one or whether or not you will be invited to the members only cocktail parties.
    Your programs are very informative, you are an extremely intelligent woman and I love your humor. You’re my favorite chick. Keep up the wonderful work, a great service to the American people.

  3. kmkahuna says:

    Keep going, Ms. Bruce! Loved the books, and wish you continued success in the show and this website! It’s energizing and encouraging to hear the libertarian message come through so strongly, especially in the age of disinformation we live in now! Stay on target, and I’ll stay tuned in: Bravo!

  4. predoc says:

    Your show is at the top of my list, because of the three I listen to, yours is the only one I go to great lengths to hear daily, in its entirety. Since I work for a living, my husband digitally records your show every day as broadcast from the web, and I listen to it in the evenings —

  5. MidwestConservative says:

    Number 24? I demand a recount!!

    Tammy I listen every weekend on our local station. I also try to catch at least a part of your internet broadcast daily…

    Sorry , but your not a 24 to me…

    NUMBER 1

    NUMBER 1

    NUMBER 1

    NUMBER 1

    Thanks Tammy!

  6. PeteRFNY says:

    Now THAT’S whut I’m talkin’ ’bout!

    Gotta keep spreading the word…we need to put some more space between you and Leykis (shudder)!

    Congrats (offers martini & ceegar)!


  7. SteveOk says:

    Tammy, congratulations on being picked in the top 25. It is well deserved. I don’t get to listen to you but you are very talented and are among the very top including Rush, Bill O, and Laura.

  8. Checkpoint Charlie says:

    I caught Tammy on C-SPAN “In Depth” and was compelled to go online and watch the whole 3 hours. Now I catch Tammy Radio online when time permits. She’s a uniquely American character and I look forward to watching her star continue to rise.

  9. TB in Baltimore says:

    Tammy – Congratulations! I listen to you daily on my computer at work. You have become my favorite talk show host. I first found you through Newsmax when you were writing articles for them. Your honesty, intelligence and common sense really caught my attention. Anyone that has not read your articles should go back through the archives and check them out. They are well worth the read. Enjoyed your books, too!

  10. Duke says:

    The only reason I like you is because I agree with you. In the case of this essay, I totally agree. I don’t listen to you on weekends; I watch football, which is probably what’s wrong with this country.

  11. Congratulations on the nod. I have yet to hear your radio program, but am a big fan of both your books and your blog. Keep up the great work!

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