And they want you to come over. They want more visitors. You see, it’s been tough because even though they’re the nation that harbors the strain of Islam that is hacking up the world like a cancer, they’ve maintained one of the strictest closed borders in the world, and they’re feeling the pinch. This is in itself odd considering the problem is not with who wants to get into Saudi Arabia, it’s the terrorist scum that gets out.

At any rate, the Saudis now want more tourism. And boy, they sure know how to attract the ladies.

Islam at heart of Saudi Arabia’s tourism drive

MECCA, Saudi Arabia (Reuters) – Saudi Arabia, the birthplace of Islam and home to its holiest shrines, hopes it can use its religious heritage to pull in not just pilgrims but tourists too, without compromising its way of life.

Officials are confident they can attract hundreds of thousands of high-end holidaymakers to visit the conservative Muslim country. And the holy city of Mecca, with its key Islamic sites and ancient markets, is central to the plan…But make no mistake: alcohol will remain banned, women will have to cover from head to toe and Muslims alone can set foot in the Islamic holy cities of Mecca and Medina.

“We are shooting for high-end individuals, there won’t be any mass tourism here. We target people who like Saudi Arabia for what it is, people who will like the experience and hopefully come back again and again,” said SCT spokesman Majid al-Shiddi…

Oh, I see. They only want men who will enjoy being part of the backward misogynist hub of Islamist terrorism, who prefer to see women covered in a potato sack. Heck, you can even stroll around the Chopping Center, where poor souls get various body parts lopped off if they offend Allah. Sounds too good to be true. And speaking of losing body parts, if you’re an American you might even get the unique chance of finding out personally what it’s like to have a caveman take a saw to you. Not even Club Med offers that!

“We have a lot to offer non-Muslim tourists. Scuba-diving, a diversified landscape, the hospitality and historic sites. There are more than 6,300 heritage sites,” Shiddi told Reuters.

Well now, golly gee, in the “pro” column they do have scuba diving! Oh great, now I have to decide–and it’s so difficult–Hawaii or Terrorist Pit with Diving. Terrorist Pit with Diving or Hawaii…Hmmm…

You know, I’m gonna have to get back to you on that one.

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  1. SLABBOTT says:

    Scuba Diving and Homo Stoning…doesn’t get any better than this!

  2. St. Thor says:

    What can you say about such chutzpah? We should be building offshore oil platforms like Brazil’s in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Gulf of Mexico NOW.

  3. CinderellaMan says:

    You can’t go there Tammy, they have already called for the execution of all gay people, remember? At Harvard no less ( Khatami). Where was the outrage here at home? Was this not WAY over the top?

    Referring to women as “meat”, calling for the execution of gays, saying it’s ok to stone an adulterous woman, MY GOD… are we back in the stone ages?

  4. Terry G says:

    Oh come on now, you know that Sean Penn has probably already made inquiries and I’m willing to bet that Bagdad Jim McDermott is readying a Congressional delegation.

  5. chas says:

    If you are a woman tourist, do you have to wear a burka when you go scuba-diving? That could be difficult.


  6. Paper_Tiger says:

    They forgot to point out their most important attraction: Sand!

    It’s just like being at the beach except you don’t have to worry about all that pesky water.

  7. cabgx2 says:

    Tammy, I would much rather see you walking on the beach in Hawaii in a bathing suit than in Saudi Arabia potato sack.

    They have more money than sense. Why would they even encourage tourists? Probably not for girl watching.

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