That’s right. It’s everyone, courtesy of the internet, blogs, YouTube, and every other internet mechanism that has allowed the regular person’s voice to be heard. Funny enough, of course, we’ve always had a voice, but now because it can’t be ignored, we get to be Time’s “Person of the Year.”

One of the Commenters at LGF has the perfect take on this:

Time naming ‘Everyone’ as the Person of the Year is the perfect ultimate liberal selection. We all win, it boosts everyone’s self-esteem and no one’s feelings get hurt.

And as Charles noted on Tammy Radio, at least we beat Ahmadinejad.

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  1. Dave J says:

    “Everybody has won, and all must have prizes!”
    –The Dodo, Alice in Wonderland

  2. jeebie says:

    The MSM has failed in its job to inform and educate the American people. Or to present us with unbiased truth and investigative reporting. Thank God we have Tammy Bruce and similar sites to get at the real news. Governments the world over are afraid of the truth and freedom of speech, as they should be. Has anyone else noticed our politicians beginning to squirm a little? What a pleasure to see! So, one in 6 billion? I do feel special. But, seriously, I guess that is an improvement from before, when We The People had no voice at all. Thank you again, Tammy, for being a big part of the rebirth of freedom.

  3. piboulder says:

    I can remember around about 1983 the “Person of the Year” was “The Computer”, as personal computers were the hot technology of the time. Now it’s moved to the person using it, with the technology being taken for granted. As some knew, it was inevitable this would happen.

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